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Best Laravel security features for your application of 2021

Laravel security features
Laravel is recognized for creating highly secure websites and applications. Applications and websites in need of high layers of security & protection prefer Laravel.

Read on the blog to understand the best Laravel security features of 2021 and also the tips to improve laravel security practices.

What are the Security Features of Laravel of 2021?

Here are the top 4 Laravel Security features which helps you to reduce the Laravel vulnerabilities in the app.

  1. Laravel Authentication System
  2. Reduce Laravel Vulnerabilities From CSRF
  3. Protection against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)
  4. SQL Injection

1. Laravel Authentication System
One of The top Laravel security features for your application in 2021. Laravel has a powerful user authentication process. The framework uses “providers” and “guards” for the authentication process. “Guards” verify requesters as they request them. Conversely, “Providers” take a username from the database.

2. Reduce Laravel Vulnerabilities From CSRF
One of the best Laravel Security features for your application in 2021. Laravel uses CSRF tokens to avoid security breaches. CSRF is Cross-Site Request Forgery. These tokens prevent fake third-party requests.

Laravel generates CSRF tokens whenever a user invokes a request. In the context of the user's session, the framework compares the request tokens with the previously stored ones. If the token does not match, then the request becomes invalid. And the execution ends, too. Developers should include a hidden CSRF field while defining an HTML form in the app. Then, this CSRF protection middleware handles the security automatically. Blade directive @csrf is included in the latest Laravel version for generating the token field.

3. Protection against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)
Laravel offers native support to protect the code from XSS attacks. During Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, malicious attackers enter your website via JavaScript. Now whenever page is reloads the JavaScript will execute the malicious code.

For instance, a user can enter malicious JavaScript content as a comment on a blogging platform. To avoid this scenario, Laravel offers protection against XSS. This feature detects the malicious code and protects the database automatically.

4. SQL Injection
This is a hacking technique that uses SQL injection. Attackers insert and execute malicious SQL statements into an entry field. With this attackers take full control over the database. They can change, insert or delete the data or the entire database.

Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapper) is using by Laravel which help you to defeat malicious query data to pass through your forms. Eloquent ORM escapes these SQL commands using PDO parameter binding.

Tips to improve Laravel Security Features

Comparatively, Laravel security features are highly secure than other PHP frameworks. Yet, there is space for improvements.

After making these advances, Laravel will offer much more secure and risk-free applications.

    1. Avoid Raw SQL Queries

The first tip to improve Laravel Security features. Developers should avoid using Raw SQL queries. Laravel uses PDO binding to validate each SQL command entering the database. If you want to protect the code from SQL injection attacks than you have to always go with well-prepared SQL queries.

    2. Use HTTPS and not HTTP

The next tip to improve Laravel Security features. HTTP websites send all the data, including passwords in plain content. Thus, anyone can easily steal this crucial information. Hence, always deploy your web applications on HTTPS. Keep your sensitive information safe.

Simply set up an SSL certificate on your website. Hire professional Laravel developer who help you to move you application from HTTP to HTTPS very efficiently.

    3. Use Double Braces

Make use of the double curly braces syntax in the blade templates:

Double Curly Braces protect data from XSS attacks.

    4. Upgrade Security with Laravel Purifier

The Laravel Purifier helps you to fixes your code up well. Further, it handles any missing or omitted HTML codes as well.

Laravel Security Packages

For enhanced Security, Laravel offers several Security packages. Here are some the best and important packages.

    1. Laravel Security Component:

It helps to integrates Symfony security core in Laravel. It profound voters to check role-based privileges.

    2. Laravel Security:

It always helps to remove XSS vulnerabilities in the code base. They have ported it from Codeigniter 3 into Laravel 5.

    3. Laravel-ACL:

The Laravel-ACL package always helps to defends routes and CRUD controller methods in the applications. It offers role-based secured permissions.

The top Laravel security features in 2021 make Laravel a highly secure PHP framework. Get end-to-end secured applications with pre-existing best Laravel security features in 2021. However, developers can pay attention to some aspects for better security.

Collaborating with a top-notch Laravel website development company can be more profitable. Hire Laravel developers who master in employing the Laravel security best practices optimally. Build websites and applications having unreachable high-end security for your business.

Help us understand the problem. What is going on with this article?
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Ronak Patel is always ready to explore the new shores in the sea of technology. He founded an IT development & consultancy firm - Aglowid IT Solution that delivers a full stack development solutions.


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