More than 1 year has passed since last update.

This is curious for me, yestarday I just wanted to do a folding a code of Angularjs

(the route list is a little long) but then... (thinking) foldmethod=manual is the best way?

it will be tedious do it in every file...mmm it doesn't save my I need a plugin...

I found this text. :laughing: it is funny because it is true. 2016-01-22 01-11-03.png

and one thing lead to another I finished changing to Neovim,

in this post I want to mention a little details I had with this change.

First of all the configuration in neovim is ~.config/nvim/init.vim (my init.vim)


I use terminal terminology.

Screenshot from 2016-01-21 22-49-52.png

it can be solved by checking Settings->Behavior->set TERM to xterm-256color and restart.

Ctrl-w h

with splits I prefer use ctrl-h and change to left position cursor, in Arch Linux still doesn't work.

This code fixes in your init.vim .

if has('nvim')

nmap <BS> <C-W>h

Details Github.


it's necessary enable python (Arch Linux).

sudo pacman -S python2-pip python-pip

sudo pip2 install neovim
sudo pip install neovim

well I installed the two because I don't want problem with versions specially with YouCompleteMe


by default doesn't work clipboard I chose xclip.

sudo pacman -S xclip

and my init.vim

set clipboard+=unnamedplus

Details :h nvim-clipboard

Plugins Neovim

They took my attention

vim-plug Best plugin manager. :wink:

Neomake can be used together Syntastic.

Deoplete is very promising but needs to madure, now I prefer YouCompleteMe

anyway keep it in mind.

Deoplete now I use it

oh! other issues with YouCompleteme has 2 things.

1.-You need be sure you htave installed correctly.

python2.7 ./

2.-now I don't remember the error but it was something with "VIM" I had installed correctly but showed a error YouCompleteMe, just add in your .zshrc export VIM=""

Other things

I found in the path

- vimrcfu Gather your vimrc snippets on this site and let others learn from your fu.

- a very good Foldtext.

- limelight I liked, I think can be useful especially with video tutorials.