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Help us understand the problem. What is going on with this article?


More than 3 years have passed since last update.

Powerpoint VBAで当たり判定を考える。





今回接触判定に使用しているのはMSOffice 2010以降から搭載されている「図形の結合」機能である(2010ではリボンに表示されていないが、機能自体は存在している)。

Office 2013以降なら
(図形を選択) 描画ツール > 書式 > 図形の挿入



PowerPoint2010以降で動作するはずです(2013 32bit/2016 64bitで動作確認)。




Option Explicit

Private Declare PtrSafe Sub _
    Sleep Lib "kernel32" ( _
    Optional ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long = 1)

Public Type OfficeXY
    X As Single
    Y As Single
End Type

Sub BallBoundSample()
        Dim TgtPres As PowerPoint.Presentation
        Set TgtPres = PowerPoint.ActivePresentation

        TgtPres.SlideShowSettings.ShowType = ppShowTypeWindow2

        Dim sldShowWin As PowerPoint.SlideShowWindow
        If TgtPres.Windows.Count = 0 Then
            Set sldShowWin = TgtPres.SlideShowWindow
            Set sldShowWin = TgtPres.SlideShowSettings.Run
        End If

        Dim tgtSld As Slide
        Set tgtSld = sldShowWin.View.Slide

        Dim tgtGround As PowerPoint.Shape
        Set tgtGround = MakeGround(tgtSld)

        Dim myBall As Ball
        Set myBall = MakeBall(tgtSld)

            If Not InSlideArea(myBall.BaseShape, TgtPres) Then Exit Do
            Call myBall.NextStep(0.2)
            Call myBall.Clash(tgtGround)
            Call Sleep
            DoEvents    '描写・途中で止めたい場合用


End Sub

Private Function MakeGround(ByVal iTgtSld As Slide) As Shape
    Dim shps As PowerPoint.Shapes
    Set shps = iTgtSld.Shapes

    Dim oShp As Shape

    With iTgtSld.Parent.SlideMaster
        Set oShp = shps.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, -.Width, .Height / 2, .Width * 3, 1)
    End With    'iTgtSld.Parent.SlideMaster
    Call oShp.IncrementRotation(15)
    Set MakeGround = oShp
End Function

Private Function MakeBall(ByVal iTgtSld As Slide) As Ball
    Const Size! = 50!

    Dim shpTop As Single: shpTop = 0!
    Dim shpLft As Single: shpLft = 0!
    Dim shpWid As Single: shpWid = Size
    Dim shpHit As Single: shpHit = Size

    Dim shps As PowerPoint.Shapes
    Set shps = iTgtSld.Shapes

    Dim tmpBall As PowerPoint.Shape
    Set tmpBall = shps.AddShape(msoShapeOval, shpLft, shpTop, shpWid, shpHit)
    Set MakeBall = GetBallClass(tmpBall)
End Function

Private Function GetBallClass(ByVal BaseShape As Shape) As Ball
    Dim tmpCls As Ball
    Set tmpCls = New Ball
    Call tmpCls.Init(BaseShape)
    Set GetBallClass = tmpCls
End Function

Private Function InSlideArea(ByVal ChkShp As Shape, ByVal TgtPres As Presentation) As Boolean
    With TgtPres.SlideMaster
        If ChkShp.Top + ChkShp.Height < 0 Then GoTo NotInSlideArea
        If ChkShp.Left > .Width Then GoTo NotInSlideArea

        If ChkShp.Left + ChkShp.Width < 0 Then GoTo NotInSlideArea
        If ChkShp.Top > .Height Then GoTo NotInSlideArea
    End With
    Let InSlideArea = True
Exit Function
    Let InSlideArea = False
Exit Function
End Function


Option Explicit

Private clsShp As PowerPoint.Shape
Private clsVelocity As OfficeXY
Private clsAcceleration As OfficeXY

Private Const Ratio! = 0.9!

Public Property Get BaseShape() As PowerPoint.Shape
    Set BaseShape = clsShp
End Property

Public Property Get Velocity() As OfficeXY
    Let Velocity = clsVelocity
End Property

Public Property Get Acceleration() As OfficeXY
    Let Acceleration = clsAcceleration
End Property

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    clsVelocity.X = 0!
    clsVelocity.Y = 0!
    clsAcceleration.X = 0!
    clsAcceleration.Y = 9.81!
End Sub

Friend Sub Init(ByVal BaseShape As PowerPoint.Shape)
    Set clsShp = BaseShape
End Sub

Public Sub NextStep(Optional ByVal Step As Single = 1)
    With clsShp
        .Left = VBA.CSng(.Left + (clsVelocity.X * Step))
        .Top = VBA.CSng(.Top + (clsVelocity.Y * Step))
    End With    'clsShp

    With clsVelocity
        .X = VBA.CSng((.X + clsAcceleration.X * Step))
        .Y = VBA.CSng((.Y + clsAcceleration.Y * Step))
    End With    'clsVelocity

    clsShp.TextFrame2.TextRange.Text = " "
End Sub

Public Function Clash(ByVal iTgtShp As PowerPoint.Shape) As Boolean
    Dim sldShps As PowerPoint.Shapes
    Set sldShps = clsShp.Parent.Shapes

    Dim currentShpCnt As Long
    currentShpCnt = sldShps.Count

    Dim shpIndxs(1) As Long
    shpIndxs(0) = clsShp.ZOrderPosition
    shpIndxs(1) = iTgtShp.ZOrderPosition

    Dim dupShpRng As PowerPoint.ShapeRange
    Set dupShpRng = sldShps.Range(shpIndxs).Duplicate

    Dim dupOvalIndex As Long
    dupOvalIndex = IIf(shpIndxs(0) < shpIndxs(1), 1, 2)

    Dim currentCoords As OfficeXY
    With dupShpRng.Item(dupOvalIndex)
        currentCoords.X = .Left + (.Width / 2)
        currentCoords.Y = .Top + (.Height / 2)
    End With    'dupShpRng.Item(1)

    Call dupShpRng.MergeShapes(msoMergeIntersect)
    If currentShpCnt + 1 <> sldShps.Count Then Exit Function
    Clash = True

    Dim intersectShp As PowerPoint.Shape
    Set intersectShp = sldShps.Item(currentShpCnt + 1)

    Dim normalVector As OfficeXY
    normalVector.X = currentCoords.X - (intersectShp.Left + (intersectShp.Width / 2))
    normalVector.Y = currentCoords.Y - (intersectShp.Top + (intersectShp.Height / 2))

    Dim normalVec As Double
    normalVec = VectorNorm(normalVector)

    Dim basVector As Double
    basVector = VectorNorm(clsVelocity)

    With clsVelocity
        .X = VBA.CSng(basVector * (normalVector.X / normalVec) * Ratio)
        .Y = VBA.CSng(basVector * (normalVector.Y / normalVec) * Ratio)
    End With

    Call intersectShp.Delete
End Function

Private Function VectorNorm(BaseVector As OfficeXY) As Double
    Let VectorNorm = VBA.Sqr(BaseVector.X * BaseVector.X + BaseVector.Y * BaseVector.Y)
End Function





Help us understand the problem. What is going on with this article?
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Excel・PowerPoint の VBA、Windows PowerShell がメインの人です。 Word・Outlook の VBA も多少は読めます。 データベース関連や、管理用途の PowerShell は経験なし。 PowerShell の延長で、C# も雰囲気は読める感じです。


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Help us understand the problem. What is going on with this article?