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element name or dash (-)と言われているもの。

code 説明 After Page Header
top.container After Page Header Top Before Main Columns
page.bottom Before Page Footer
page.bottom.container Before Page Footer Container
cms_footer_links_container CMS Footer Links
compare-link-wrapper Compare Link Wrapper
content Main Content Area
content.aside Main Content Aside
content.bottom Main Content Bottom
main Main Content Container Main Content Top
minicart.addons Mini-cart promotion block
before.body.end Page Bottom
footer Page Footer
footer-container Page Footer Container
header-wrapper Page Header
header.container Page Header Container
header.panel Page Header Panel
after.body.start Page Top
sidebar.additional Sidebar Additional
sidebar.main Sidebar Main
自分用メモです。 何かの役に立てれば幸いでございます。 >codepen
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