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Unveiling The Goods And The Bad Of The Technology In Our Daily Lives

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The technology is impacting us like never before. It is right there inside or beside everything that goes into our daily lives. And, we can easily relate to it as technology trends keep appearing in the news every day. The post is going to talk about the impact of technology on both the positive and the negative aspect. You are reading the post right there over your laptop is a well-illustrated example of technology. The global news reaches to you in no time is another example of technology offering you everything that is happening all across the globe. Let’s get started with the post by mentioning the positives of the technology.

The positive impact of the technology

Use of technology in the business

Businesses are able to perform numerous tasks just because of the technology. There is Skype, wireless networks, virtual meetings and much more that is making distances between the clients and the businesses a breeze for both the parties. Even remaining miles away doesn’t matter to visit any corner of the world. Through the innovative scaling of the technology, individuals and the businesses are able to get connected in no time and remain there in touch with each other until the time it is needed.

The evolution of online shopping

It’s really effortless to get a product right at your doorstep just by ordering it from an e-commerce website. You visit a virtual store, click on the product you prefer, go through the specifications and order the same to get the home delivery. And to your surprise, the product arrives at you just after the day it was ordered. Such a fabulous use of technology that is bringing a product and the customers close enough to each other.

With these two examples, let’s now consider the negative impact of the technology today

Poor sleep habit

We all are suffering from the same problem. Continuously staring at our smartphones have surely changed our sleeping patterns and today it is taking a toll on us. Poor sleep habit directly impacts your brain and that further results in poor body and mind connection. It is a huge disadvantage of remaining in a world that is growing massively with the use of technology.

High-stress level

We are living in a world that is growing massively in terms of the technology and the innovation. And, in this never-ending race, we have become so much concentrated to grab all the things that it is resulting in the high-stress levels. Jargons like “plugged in” and “connected” have become fancy only to make us slaves to the technology that is expanding exponentially in the global horizons.

Shortened attention span

The use of social media has shortened our attention span like never before. Remaining aware of the news feeds to get the global information has kept us glued to our laptops, which as a result is curtailing our attention span. This is fatal not only for the health but also for the complete social being that we are. It is true that we are connected but we are paying a continuous price for it.

The Upshot

Every coin has two sides, and the technology is no different. The above-illustrated examples are well-suited concerns of what I am talking about. There is no doubt about the fact that the evolution of the technology is changing the world around us. However, we are also paying a heavy price to reside in a world that is ever-connected. And, that brings the conclusion that technology is merely an element. It purely depends upon the fact that how we use it in order to portrait it either in the negative or the positive manner.