More than 1 year has passed since last update.

make するときに -j4 オプションを付けるために、 phpenv する前に、 export PHP_BUILD_EXTRA_MAKE_ARGUMENTS=-j4 する。


AMD A8-3870 APU だけど、6分くらいで終わったみたい。CPU使用率は100%に張り付いてたし、ちゃんと4コア使えてるみたいだった。


[ndxbn@sandbox:~]phpenv versions
[ndxbn@sandbox:~]export PHP_BUILD_EXTRA_MAKE_ARGUMENTS=-j4
[ndxbn@sandbox:~]echo $PHP_BUILD_EXTRA_MAKE_ARGUMENTS # 確認用
[ndxbn@dev1:~]time phpenv install 7.0.11
[Info]: Loaded extension plugin
[Info]: Loaded apc Plugin.
[Info]: Loaded composer Plugin.
[Info]: Loaded github Plugin.
[Info]: Loaded uprofiler Plugin.
[Info]: Loaded xdebug Plugin.
[Info]: Loaded xhprof Plugin.
[Info]: php.ini-production gets used as php.ini
[Info]: Building 7.0.11 into /home/suzuki_k/.anyenv/envs/phpenv/versions/7.0.11
[Skipping]: Already downloaded and extracted

[xdebug]: Installing version 2.4.1
[xdebug]: Compiling xdebug in /tmp/php-build/source/xdebug-2.4.1
[xdebug]: Installing xdebug configuration in /home/suzuki_k/.anyenv/envs/phpenv/versions/7.0.11/etc/conf.d/xdebug.ini
[xdebug]: Cleaning up.
[Info]: Enabling Opcache...

[Info]: The Log File is not empty, but the Build did not fail. Maybe just warnings got logged. You can review the log in /tmp/php-build.
[Success]: Built 7.0.11 successfully.

real    6m23.305s
user    12m54.380s
sys     3m10.226s
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