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FreeBSD Ports System における公式 OPTIONS のリスト

Last updated at Posted at 2020-12-21


本件は2020年末時点での /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.options.desc.mk をリストアップしたもので、極めて手抜きなリストです。気が向いたら更新するつもりです。


bsd.options.desc.mk に記述されてるとなぜ公式リストになるのか、というと、ダイアログ表示されたときの説明が共通で定義されているMakefileになります。


オプション名 オプション解説 備考
A52 AC-3 support via liba52 オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AAC AAC/MP4 format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AACPLUS AAC support via libaacplus オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AALIB AAlib graphics library support
ACOUSTID AcoustID audio fingerprinting support
ALAC Apple Lossless audio format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
ALSA ALSA audio architecture support オーディオ関連
ALTIVEC Use Altivec optimized routines
AMR AMR 3GPP speech codec support (opencore) オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AMR_NB AMR Narrow Band audio support (opencore) オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AMR_WB AMR Wide Band audio support (opencore) オーディオ関連(コーデック)
AO libao audio library support
APACHE Apache server support
APE Monkey's Audio lossless format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
ARCHIVE bzip2/zip/iso9660 archive support
ARMADILLO TPS transform computation via Armadillo
ASIO Asynchronous I/O support
ASM Use optimized assembly code
ASPELL Spell checking support via GNU Aspell
ASSERT Enable debug assertions
ATLAS ATLAS blas implementation
AUDIOFILE SGI audio file format support オーディオ関連
AVAHI Zeroconf support via Avahi
BASH Install programmable completions for Bash
BDB Berkeley DB support
BDB1 Berkeley DB 1.85 support
BITTORRENT BitTorrent file sharing support
BOOST Boost C++ libraries support
BROTLI Brotli compression support
BZIP2 bzip2 compression support
CACA libcaca graphics library support
CAIRO Cairo graphics library support
CARES Asynchronous DNS resolution via c-ares
CDDA Digital Audio CD support
CDDA2WAV CD ripping support (via cdda2wav)
CDDB CDDB (compact disc database) support
CDIO CDIO support via libcdio
CDPARANOIA CD ripping support (via cdparanoia)
CELT CELT audio codec support
COLORD Color management via colord
COMPOSITE X11 Composite extension support
COOKIE Web cookie support
CUE Embedded CUE sheets support
CUPS CUPS printing system support
CURL Data transfer support via cURL
CXX C++ language support
CYASSL SSL/TLS support via CyaSSL
DAGRAB CD ripping support (via dagrab)
DATA Install data files
DBM dbm database library support
DBUS D-Bus IPC system support
DCA DTS support via libdca
DCRAW Raw image processing support via dcraw
DEBUG Build with debugging support
DEVD Install devd(8) files
DIRAC Dirac codec support via libdirac
DJVU DjVu document support
DOCS Build and/or install documentation
DOXYGEN Build documentation with Doxygen
DTRACE Build with DTrace probes
DV Quasar DV video codec support (libdv)
DVDCSS Encrypted DVD support via libdvdcss
ECW ECW image format support
EXAMPLES Build and/or install examples
EXIV2 EXIF and IPTC metadata support via exiv2
EXPAT XML parser support via Expat
FAAC FAAC AAC encoder support
FAAD FAAD AAC decoder support
FAM File Alteration Monitor support
FASTCGI FastCGI protocol support
FFMPEG FFmpeg support (WMA, AIFF, AC3, APE...)
FFTW Discrete Fourier Transform support
FINGER finger(1) user information support
FIREBIRD Firebird (Interbase) database support
FISH Install programmable completions for Fish
FLAC FLAC lossless audio codec support
FLICKR Flickr support via flickcurl
FLUIDSYNTH MIDI playback support via FluidSynth
FONTCONFIG X11 font configuration support
FORTRAN Fortran language support
FPECTL Floating point exception handling
FPX FlashPix image format support
FREETDS FreeTDS library support
FREETYPE TrueType font rendering support
FREEXL Excel file (.xls) support via FreeXL
FREI0R Frei0r video plugins support
FRIBIDI Bidirectional text support via GNU FriBidi
FTP FTP protocol support
FTPS FTP with SSL/TLS support
FUSE FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) support
GCC Build with modern GCC (from ports)
GCONF GConf configuration backend support
GCRYPT Use GNU crypt library instead of OpenSSL
GD GD graphics library support
GDBM GNU dbm library support
GDM Install GDM login manager
GEOIP GeoIP IP location support
GEOS GEOS Geometry Engine support
GEOTIFF GeoTIFF file format support
GGI General Graphics Interface support
GHOSTSCRIPT Ghostscript support
GIF GIF image format support
GIO Use GIO for file I/O
GLADE Glade interface builder support
GLUT OpenGL Utility Toolkit support
GLX X11 OpenGL rendering support
GMP GMP (multiple precision arithmetic) support
GNOME GNOME desktop environment support
GNOMEKEYRING GNOME Keyring password manager support
GNOMEVFS2 GnomeVFS2 (virtual file system) support
GNUPG GNU Privacy Guard support
GNUPLOT Plotting support via gnuplot
GNUTLS SSL/TLS support via GnuTLS
GOPHER Gopher protocol support
GPERFTOOLS Google gperftools support
GPHOTO Digital cameras support via libgphoto2
GRAPHMAGICK GraphicsMagick image processing support
GRAPHVIZ Graphviz graph drawing support
GRASS Geographic Information System (GIS) support
GSM GSM codec support
GSSAPI_BASE GSSAPI support via base system (needs Kerberos)
GSSAPI GSSAPI Security API support
GSSAPI_HEIMDAL GSSAPI support via security/heimdal
GSSAPI_MIT GSSAPI support via security/krb5
GSSAPI_NONE Disable GSSAPI support
GSTREAMER Multimedia support via GStreamer
GTA Generic Tagged Array (GTA) support
GTK2 GTK+ 2 GUI toolkit support
GTK3 GTK+ 3 GUI toolkit support
GUI GUI (Graphical User Interface) support
GUILE Guile extension language support
GVFS Virtual filesystems support via GVFS
H323 H.323 codec support
HAL HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) support
HDF5 HDF-5 data format support
HPACK Header Compression for HTTP/2.0 support
HTTP2 HTTP protocol version 2.0 support
HTTPD httpd output streaming support
HTTPS HTTPS protocol support
HUNSPELL Spell checking support via Hunspell
ICONS Install icon theme(s)
ICONV Encoding conversion support via iconv
ICU Unicode support via ICU
ID3 ID3 tags support
ID3TAG ID3 v1/v2 tags support
IDN International Domain Names support
IMAGEMAGICK ImageMagick image processing support
IMLIB Imlib image library support
IMLIB2 Imlib 2 image library support
INFO Build and/or install GNU info pages
INI INI file/format/parser support
IODBC ODBC backend via iODBC
IPV4 IPv4 protocol support
IPV6 IPv6 protocol support
ISPELL Spell checking support via Ispell
JABBER Jabber communications protocol support
JACK JACK audio server support
JASPER JPEG 2000 support via JasPer
JAVA Java platform support
JBIG JBIG image format support
JHEAD jhead EXIF manipulator support
JPEG JPEG image format support
JPEG2000 JPEG 2000 support
JSON_C JSON file/format parser support via json-c
JSON JSON file/format/parser support
KDE4 KDE 4 desktop environment support
KERBEROS Kerberos support
KERBEROS4 Kerberos 4 support
KERBEROS5 Kerberos 5 support
KML Keyhole Markup Language (KML) support
KWALLET KWallet password manager support
LADSPA LADSPA audio plugins support
LAME LAME MP3 audio encoder support
LANG_AF Afrikaans language support 言語サポート(アフリカーンス語)
LANG_AK Akan language support 言語サポート(アカン語)
LANG_AM Armenian language support 言語サポート(アルメニア語)
LANG_AR Arabic language support 言語サポート()
LANG_AST Asturian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BB Bengali (Bangladesh) language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BE Belarusian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BG Bulgarian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BN Bengali language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BR Breton language support 言語サポート()
LANG_BS Bosnian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_CA Catalan language support 言語サポート()
LANG_CN Chinese language support 言語サポート(中国語)
LANG_CS Czech language support 言語サポート(チェコ語)
LANG_CY Welsh language support 言語サポート()
LANG_DA Danish language support 言語サポート()
LANG_DE German language support 言語サポート(ドイツ語)
LANG_EL Greek language support 言語サポート(ギリシャ語)
LANG_EO Esperanto language support 言語サポート(エスペラント語)
LANG_ES Spanish language support 言語サポート(スペイン語)
LANG_ET Estonian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_EU Basque language support 言語サポート(バスク語)
LANG_FA Persian language support 言語サポート(ペルシャ語)
LANG_FI Finnish language support 言語サポート()
LANG_FR French language support 言語サポート(フランス語)
LANG_FY Frisian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_GA Irish language support 言語サポート()
LANG_GB English (GB) language support 言語サポート(英語/英国)
LANG_GD Gaelic (Scotland) language support 言語サポート()
LANG_GL Galician language support 言語サポート()
LANG_GU Gujarati language support 言語サポート()
LANG_HE Hebrew language support 言語サポート(ヘブライ語)
LANG_HI Hindi language support 言語サポート()
LANG_HR Croatian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_HU Hungarian language support 言語サポート(ハンガリー語)
LANG_ID Indonesian language support 言語サポート(インドネシア語)
LANG_IS Icelandic language support 言語サポート(アイスランド語)
LANG_IT Italian language support 言語サポート(イタリア語)
LANG_JA Japanese language support 言語サポート(日本語)
LANG_JP Japanese (ja-JP-mac) language support 言語サポート(日本語/ja-JP-mac)
LANG_KK Kazakh language support 言語サポート()
LANG_KN Kannada language support 言語サポート()
LANG_KO Korean language support 言語サポート(朝鮮語)
LANG_KU Kurdish language support 言語サポート()
LANG_LG Luganda language support 言語サポート()
LANG_LK Tamil (Sri Lanka) language support 言語サポート(タミル語/錫国)
LANG_LT Lithuanian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_LV Latvian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_MAI Maithili language support 言語サポート()
LANG_MK Macedonian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_ML Malayalam language support 言語サポート()
LANG_MN Mongolian language support 言語サポート(モンゴル語)
LANG_MR Marathi language support 言語サポート()
LANG_NB Norwegian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_NL Dutch language support 言語サポート()
LANG_NN Norwegian Nynorsk language support 言語サポート()
LANG_NSO Northern Sotho language support 言語サポート()
LANG_OR Oriya language support 言語サポート()
LANG_PA Punjabi language support 言語サポート()
LANG_PBR Portuguese (Brazil) language support 言語サポート(ポルトガル語/伯国)
LANG_PL Polish language support 言語サポート(ポーランド語)
LANG_PT Portuguese language support 言語サポート(ポルトガル語)
LANG_RM Romansh language support 言語サポート(ロマンシュ語)
LANG_RO Romanian language support 言語サポート(ルーマニア語)
LANG_RU Russian language support 言語サポート(ロシア語)
LANG_SA Spanish (Argentina) language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SC Spanish (Chile) language support 言語サポート(スペイン語/チリ)
LANG_SE Swedish language support 言語サポート(スウェーデン語)
LANG_SI Sinhala language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SK Slovak language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SL Slovenian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SM Spanish (Mexico) language support 言語サポート(スペイン語/墨国)
LANG_SON Songhai language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SQ Albanian language support 言語サポート(アルバニア語)
LANG_SR Serbian language support 言語サポート()
LANG_SV Swedish language support 言語サポート(スウェーデン語)
LANG_TA Tamil language support 言語サポート(タミル語)
LANG_TE Telugu language support 言語サポート()
LANG_TH Thai language support 言語サポート(タイ語)
LANG_TR Turkish language support 言語サポート(トルコ語)
LANG_TW Taiwanese language support 言語サポート(台湾語)
LANG_UA Ukrainian language support 言語サポート(ウクライナ語)
LANG_UK Ukrainian language support 言語サポート(ウクライナ語)
LANG_US English (US) language support 言語サポート(英語/米国)
LANG_VI Vietnamese language support 言語サポート(ベトナム語)
LANG_ZA English (South Africa) language support 言語サポート(英語/南アフリカ)
LANG_ZU Zulu language support 言語サポート(ズールー語)
LASH LASH audio support
LASTFM Last.fm streaming support
LATEX LaTeX support
LCMS2 Little CMS 2.x support 画像関連(カラーマネージメント)
LDAP LDAP protocol support
LDAPS LDAP protocol over SSL support
LENSFUN Camera lens database support via LensFun
LFS Large files support
LIBBLURAY Blu-ray discs support via libbluray 動画関連
LIBEDIT Command line editing via libedit
LIBEV High-performance events support via libev
LIBEXIF EXIF metadata support via libexif 動画関連
LIBEXTRACTOR Metadata extraction support
LIBLO Open Sound Control support via liblo
LIBMNG MNG animated images support via libmng 動画関連
LIBOIL Inner loop optimization support via liboil
LIBPAPER Paper size selection support via libpaper 画像関連
LIBRSVG2 SVG vector graphics support via librsvg2 画像関連
LIBVIRT Virtualization support via libvirt
LIBVISUAL Audio visualization support via libvisual
LIBWMF Windows Metafile format support 動画関連
LIBWRAP TCP wrapper support
LIBXINE Multimedia codec support via libxine 動画関連(動画コーデック)
LIBXML2 XML parser support via libxml2
LIGHTTPD Lighttpd server support
LIRC Infrared remote control support
LITE Reduced features or memory footprint
LIVEMEDIA Multimedia streaming support via liveMedia
LQR Liquid Rescale support
LSOF LiSt Open Files utility support
LUA Lua scripting language support
LZ4 LZ4 compression support 圧縮関連
LZMA LZMA compression support 圧縮関連
LZO LZO compression support 圧縮関連
MAD MAD MP3 audio decoder support オーディオ関連
MAGICK ImageMagick image processing library support 画像関連
MANPAGES Build and/or install manual pages
MAPSERVER Mapserver support
MATE MATE desktop environment support
MATROSKA Matroska container format support
MBEDTLS SSL/TLS support via mbed TLS
MDNSRESPONDER Zeroconf support via mDNSResponder
METALINK Metalink support
MIKMOD MOD audio format support
MIXER Audio mixer support オーディオ関連
MJPEGTOOLS MJPEG Tools support 動画関連
MMKEYS Multimedia keys support
MMS MMS streaming support
MMX Use MMX optimized routines
MODPERL mod_perl protocol support
MODPLUG ModPlug decoder support
MONGO MongoDB support
MONO Mono bindings or support
MONPLUGINS Plugins from monitoring-plugins.org
MOTIF Motif widget library support
MOUSE Mouse support
MP3 MP3 audio format support オーディオ関連
MP4 MP4 media format support 動画関連
MPEG2 MPEG-2 video support via libmpeg2 動画関連
MPG123 MP3 decoding support via mpg123 オーディオ関連
MPI MPI (Message Passing Interface) support
MPICH Parallel processing support via MPICH 3
MPICH2 Parallel processing support via MPICH 2
MPLAYER MPlayer media player support 動画関連
MPLS MPLS support
MPP Musepack audio format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
MSQL mSQL database support
MSSQL Microsoft SQL Server support
MTP Media Transfer Protocol support
MULTIBYTE Multibyte character encoding support
MUSEPACK MPC audio format support
MYSQL MySQL database support
MYSQL_JDBC JDBC connection to MySQL databases
NAGPLUGINS Plugins from nagios-plugins.org
NAS Network Audio System support
NCURSES Console (text) interface support
NETCDF NetCDF data format support
NETLIB Blas implementation from Netlib 数値計算関連
NETPBM Netpbm graphics toolkit support 画像関連
NFS Network File System support
NIS Network Information Services/YP support
NLS Native Language Support
NMAP NMAP security scanning support
NNTP NNTP (News) support
NOTIFY Desktop notification support
NSS SSL/TLS support via NSS
NTLM NTLM authentication support
NUMPY NumPy mathematical computing support
OBJC Objective-C language support
ODBC ODBC database backend
ODF Open Document Format (ODF) file support
OGG Ogg media format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
OPENAL Audio support via OpenAL オーディオ関連
OPENBLAS OpenBLAS blas implementation 数値計算関連
OPENCL Heterogeneous computing via OpenCL
OPENCV Computer Vision support via OpenCV 動画関連(画像認識)
OPENEXR HDR image format support via OpenEXR 画像関連
OPENGL 2D/3D rendering support via OpenGL 画像関連
OPENJPEG Enhanced JPEG graphics support 画像関連
OPENMP Parallel processing support via OpenMP 数値計算関連
OPENMPI Parallel processing support via Open MPI 数値計算関連
OPENRAW RAW camera format support 画像関連
OPENSSL SSL/TLS support via OpenSSL
OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS Use extra compiler optimizations
OPUS Opus audio codec support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
ORACLE Oracle database support
ORACLE_JDBC JDBC connection to Oracle databases
OSD On-screen display support
OSS Open Sound System support
PAM Pluggable authentication module support
PANGO Pango rendering library support
PCRE Use Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
PDF PDF document support
PERL Perl scripting language support
PGO Use Profile-Guided Optimization
PGSQL PostgreSQL database support
PGSQL_JDBC JDBC connection to PostgreSQL databases
PHONON Multimedia support via Phonon
PHP PHP bindings or support
PIXBUF GDK-PixBuf library support
PLUGINS Build and/or install plugins
PNG PNG image format support 画像関連
PNM PNM image format support 画像関連
PODOFO PDF file support via PoDoFo
POLARSSL SSL/TLS support via PolarSSL
POPPLER PDF and PS file support via poppler
PORTAUDIO PortAudio library support
POSTGIS PostGIS geographic support for PostgreSQL
PRINT Printer support
PROFILE Build with profiling support
PROJ PROJ.4 cartographic projections support
PROXY Proxy support
PS PostScript document support
PSL Public Suffix List support
PTH Threading/multiprocessing via GNU Pth
PULSEAUDIO PulseAudio sound server support
PYMALLOC Use Python's internal malloc()
PYTHON Python bindings or support
PYTHON2 Python 2.x bindings or support
PYTHON3 Python 3.x bindings or support
QT5 Qt 5 toolkit support
QUICKTIME QuickTime media support
RADIUS RADIUS protocol support
RAW RAW format support 画像関連
READLINE Command line editing via libreadline
REDIS Redis key-value store database support
REGEX Regular expression support
RESIN3 Resin 3.x support
RTMP RTMP protocol support via librtmp
RTMPDUMP RTMP protocol support via rtmpdump
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) support
RUBY Ruby bindings or support
SAMPLERATE Sample rate conversion support
SANE SANE API scanner support
SASL SASL authentication support
SCHROEDINGER Dirac video codec support via libschroedinger
SCIPY SciPy scientific computing support
SDL Simple Direct Media Layer support
SEM POSIX semaphores support
SFCGAL 3D operations support via SFCGAL
SHOUTCAST SHOUTcast and Ogg Icecast support
SIMD Use CPU-specific optimizations コンパイルオプション
SLANG S-Lang console graphics library support
SMB SMB network protocol support
SNAPPY Snappy compression library support
SNDFILE Audio conversion support via libsndfile
SNDIO Sndio audio support
SNMP SNMP network protocol support
SOCKS SOCKS proxy support
SOUND Sound (audio) support
SOUNDTOUCH Sound processing support via SoundTouch
SOXR SoX resampler support via libsoxr
SPANDSP SpanDSP faxing support
SPATIALITE SpatiaLite support
SPDY SPDY network protocol support
SPEEX Speex audio format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
SQL SQL database support
SQLITE SQLite database support
SQLITE2 SQLite 2 database support
SQLITE3 SQLite 3 database support
SSE Use SSE optimized routines コンパイルオプション
SSH SSH protocol support
SSL SSL protocol support
STATIC Build static executables and/or libraries コンパイルオプション
STRIP Strip binaries before installation コンパイルオプション
STROKE Mouse gestures support via libstroke
SVG SVG vector image format support 画像関連
SVGALIB SVGA graphics support 画像関連
SVN Subversion support
SWFDEC Flash support via Swfdec
SWIG SWIG binding/wrapper support
SYBASE Sybase SQL Server support
SYSLOG Syslog logging support
SZIP Szip compression support
TCL Tcl scripting language support
TCLTK Tcl/Tk GUI toolkit support
TELNET Telnet support
TEST Build and/or run tests
TFTP TFTP support
THEORA Ogg Theora video codec support 動画関連(コーデック)
THREADS Threading support
TIDY Tidy HTML cleaner support
TIFF TIFF image format support 画像関連
TINYXML XML parser support via TinyXML
TK Tk GUI toolkit support
TLS Secure network connection support via TLS
TOMCAT6 Tomcat 6.x support
TOMCAT7 Tomcat 7.x support
TOMCAT8 Tomcat 8.x support
TOMCAT85 Tomcat 8.5.x support
TOMCAT9 Tomcat 9.x support
TOOLAME TooLAME MP2 audio encoder support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
TREMOR Tremor audio decoder support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
TTA TTA lossless audio format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
TWOLAME TwoLAME MP2 audio encoder support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
UCS2 Unicode UCS-2 encoding support
UCS4 Unicode UCS-4 encoding support
UDUNITS Unidata units library (udunits) support
UDUNITS2 Unidata units library (udunits) support
UNICODE Unicode support
UNIXODBC ODBC backend via unixODBC
UNRAR RAR decompression support
UNZIP Zip decompression support
UPNP UPnP protocol support
UTF16 Unicode UTF-16 encoding support
UTF8 Unicode UTF-8 encoding support
V4L Video 4 Linux support
VAAPI VAAPI (GPU video acceleration) support
VAPI Build VALA API files
VDPAU VDPAU (GPU video acceleration) support
VIDEO Video support
VO_AACENC AAC audio encoding via vo-aacenc オーディオ関連
VO_AMRWBENC AMR Wide Band encoding via vo-amrwbenc オーディオ関連
VORBIS Ogg Vorbis audio codec support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
VPX VP8/VP9 video codec support 動画関連(コーデック)
WAV WAV audio format support オーディオ関連(コーデック)
WAVPACK WavPack lossless audio format support
WAYLAND Wayland (graphics) support
WEBGL WebGL 2D/3D graphics rendering support
WEBKIT WebKit webpage renderer support
WEBP WebP image format support 動画・画像関連
WEBSERVER Build and/or install internal web server
WEBUI Build and/or install web user interface
WMA Windows Media Audio audio format support オーディオ関連
WMF Windows Metafile image format support 動画関連
WOLFSSL SSL/TLS support via wolfSSL
WXGTK wxGTK GUI toolkit support
X11 X11 (graphics) support
X264 H.264 video codec support via x264 動画関連(コーデック)
X265 H.265 video codec support via x265 動画関連(コーデック)
XALAN Xalan XSLT processor support
XCURSOR Cursor themes support
XERCES XML parser support via Xerces
XFT Xft font library support
XINE Multimedia support via Xine
XINERAMA X11 Xinerama extension support
XKLAVIER Keyboard layout settings
XML XML format or parser support
XPM XPM pixmap image format support 画像関連
XRANDR X11 XRandR extension support
XS Use XS libraries for speed boost
XSPF XSPF playlist format support
XVID Xvid MPEG-4 video codec support 動画関連(コーデック)
XVIDEO X11 Video extension library support
XVMC X11 XvMC video extension support
YAML YAML format or parser support
ZLIB zlib compression support
ZOPE Zope web application framework support
ZSH Install programmable completions for zsh
ZSTD Zstandard compression support

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