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More than 3 years have passed since last update.



$ npm install -g emojipacks


$ git clone git@github.com:lambtron/emojipacks.git
$ cd emojipacks
$ make




$ emojipacks


Slack subdomain: ookami
Email address login: example@ookamiinc.com
Password: ********
Path or URL of Emoji yaml file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lambtron/emojipacks/master/packs/slackmojis.yaml

Path or URL of Emoji yaml file:の項目では任意のyamlファイルを入力できます。

amazon android appleinc asana basecamp chrome dropbox droplr facebook firefox gmail google illustrator indesign instagram internet_explorer java java javascript mailchimp netflix photoshop php pinterest postgresql product-hunt python raspberry_pi ruby safari skype snapchat soundcloud spotify starbucks todoist trello twitter twitter yo aliensguy all_the_things dickbutt doge2 facepalm fry grumpy_cat hypnotoad kappa lol megusta mindblown notbad nyancat nyancat_big take_my_money the_more_you_know the_more_you_know watch_out whoa why_not_both zoidberg bulbasaur charizard charmander ditto ivysaur jigglypuff mew mewtwo pikachu pikachu pokeball psyduck slowpoke snorlax squirtle 1up coin goomba hadouken kerbal_space_program kirby kirby knuckles mario mario mario mario mario-block n64 powerup question_block sonic sonic-dance sonic-wait tails yoshi bb8 bb8 bobba_fett c3po c3po chewie darth_vader death_star empire landspeeder r2d2 rebel starwars stormtrooper tie_fighter tie-fighter x-wing yoda glowstick heart laugh peace poop rock sad smh smile thumb_down thumb_up winky 2pac america angry_trump aw_yeah back_away bacon bananadance bananas batman beachball bernie_sanders bmo bmo booom bud_light budweiser bye_boo carlton carlton carlton chandler_dance chandler_dance chocobo clapping classy_pbj_time cocktail communist construction corona creeper crowdfire dance dance_awkward domo drool easy_button evil excited excited eyeroll facepalm fingers_crossed finn finn fireball flames flames flash gandalf gap github good_job goofball guinness hammer_time handshake happening heres_johnny hodor homerdisppear jake_wink kanye_west leftshark left_shark liftoff matrix mega megalizard minion_wave mj narwhal nemo notes_minion notorious_big no_way_oprah olaf omg-panda panda_dance panic_button partyparrot pbr peanut_butter_jelly_time peekaboo pepperdance philosoraptor pizza_party please_minion poolparty prettyinstant pumpgirl pumpgirlrevers rainbow_flag rick_ross rocket_launcher ron_swanson sailormoon scotch sheepy shia snoop_dancing sparta spiderman spinner sriracha terrycrews thankyou trump_hair tumbleweed ugh_minion unicorn waving whatever_minion wololo yay yay

Party Parrotでパーティー気分も表現できるようになります。

aussieparrot boredparrot gothparrot middleparrot oldtimeyparrot parrot rightparrot shufflefurtherparrot shuffleparrot


気軽に楽しい絵文字を追加できるので皆さんも是非やってみて下さい :smile:
Pull Requestを見てみるといくつかマージされてるので、PR出してみるのも良いと思います。


"Player! - みんなでつくるスポーツニュース"を開発・運営しているスポーツ系スタートアップ
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