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  • ステータスバーをかっこ良くしてくれるプラグイン(ひどい)
  • 100% pure vimscript
  • 軽量 & 高速



  • 下に三角形のかっこいいステータスバーがほしいのです

スクリーンショット 2016-03-26 15.56.06.png



NeoBundle 'vim-airline/vim-airline'
NeoBundle 'vim-airline/vim-airline-themes'




cd path/to/develop
git clone git@github.com:powerline/fonts.git
cd fonts


-> % ./install.sh
Copying fonts...
Resetting font cache, this may take a moment...
Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file
All Powerline fonts installed to /Users/yoan/Library/Fonts


-> % ls ~/Library/Fonts/
Anonymice Powerline Bold Italic.ttf              Literation Mono Powerline.ttf                    Sauce Code Powerline Medium.otf
Anonymice Powerline Bold.ttf                     Meslo LG L DZ Regular for Powerline.otf          Sauce Code Powerline Regular.otf
Anonymice Powerline Italic.ttf                   Meslo LG L Regular for Powerline.otf             Sauce Code Powerline Semibold.otf
Anonymice Powerline.ttf                          Meslo LG M DZ Regular for Powerline.otf          Symbol Neu for Powerline.ttf
Arimo Bold Italic for Powerline.ttf              Meslo LG M Regular for Powerline.otf             Tinos Bold Italic for Powerline.ttf
Arimo Bold for Powerline.ttf                     Meslo LG S DZ Regular for Powerline.otf          Tinos Bold for Powerline.ttf
Arimo Italic for Powerline.ttf                   Meslo LG S Regular for Powerline.otf             Tinos Italic for Powerline.ttf
Arimo for Powerline.ttf                          Monofur Bold for Powerline.ttf                   Tinos for Powerline.ttf
Cousine Bold Italic for Powerline.ttf            Monofur Italic for Powerline.ttf                 Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline Bold Italic.ttf
Cousine Bold for Powerline.ttf                   Monofur for Powerline.ttf                        Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline Bold.ttf
Cousine Italic for Powerline.ttf                 Ricty-Bold-Powerline.ttf                         Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline Italic.ttf
Cousine for Powerline.ttf                        Ricty-Bold.ttf                                   Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline.ttf
DejaVu Sans Mono Bold Oblique for Powerline.ttf  Ricty-Regular-Powerline.ttf                      ter-powerline-x12b.pcf.gz
DejaVu Sans Mono Bold for Powerline.ttf          Ricty-Regular.ttf                                ter-powerline-x12n.pcf.gz
DejaVu Sans Mono Oblique for Powerline.ttf       RictyDiscord-Bold-Powerline.ttf                  ter-powerline-x14b.pcf.gz
DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline.ttf               RictyDiscord-Bold.ttf                            ter-powerline-x14n.pcf.gz
Droid Sans Mono Dotted for Powerline.ttf         RictyDiscord-Regular-Powerline.ttf               ter-powerline-x16b.pcf.gz
Droid Sans Mono Slashed for Powerline.ttf        RictyDiscord-Regular.ttf                         ter-powerline-x16n.pcf.gz
Droid Sans Mono for Powerline.otf                Roboto Mono Bold Italic for Powerline.ttf        ter-powerline-x18b.pcf.gz
FuraMono-Bold Powerline.otf                      Roboto Mono Bold for Powerline.ttf               ter-powerline-x18n.pcf.gz
FuraMono-Medium Powerline.otf                    Roboto Mono Italic for Powerline.ttf             ter-powerline-x20b.pcf.gz
FuraMono-Regular Powerline.otf                   Roboto Mono Light Italic for Powerline.ttf       ter-powerline-x20n.pcf.gz
Hack-Bold.ttf                                    Roboto Mono Light for Powerline.ttf              ter-powerline-x22b.pcf.gz
Hack-BoldItalic.ttf                              Roboto Mono Medium Italic for Powerline.ttf      ter-powerline-x22n.pcf.gz
Hack-Italic.ttf                                  Roboto Mono Medium for Powerline.ttf             ter-powerline-x24b.pcf.gz
Hack-Regular.ttf                                 Roboto Mono Thin Italic for Powerline.ttf        ter-powerline-x24n.pcf.gz
Inconsolata for Powerline.otf                    Roboto Mono Thin for Powerline.ttf               ter-powerline-x28b.pcf.gz
Inconsolata-dz for Powerline.otf                 Roboto Mono for Powerline.ttf                    ter-powerline-x28n.pcf.gz
Inconsolata-g for Powerline.otf                  Sauce Code Powerline Black.otf                   ter-powerline-x32b.pcf.gz
Literation Mono Powerline Bold Italic.ttf        Sauce Code Powerline Bold.otf                    ter-powerline-x32n.pcf.gz
Literation Mono Powerline Bold.ttf               Sauce Code Powerline ExtraLight.otf
Literation Mono Powerline Italic.ttf             Sauce Code Powerline Light.otf


let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
set laststatus=2



let g:airline_theme = 'molokai'

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