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<div class="mv_sp">
      <img src="images/mv1_sp.jpg" alt="">
      <img src="images/mv2_sp.jpg" alt="">
      <img src="images/mv3_sp.jpg" alt="">

対策1. autoplay止まる系オプションを無効に


  • pauseOnFocus:フォーカスで一時停止
  • pauseOnHover:マウスホバーで一時停止
  • pauseOnDotsHover:ドットナビをマウスホバーで一時停止
    arrows: false,
    autoplay: true,
    autoplaySpeed: 5000,
    speed: 1500,
    fade: true,
    pauseOnFocus: false,
    pauseOnHover: false,
    pauseOnDotsHover: false,
    waitForAnimate: false

→ 解決ならず・・・

対策2. タッチ操作イベントにautoplayを動かす処理を追加


$('.mv_sp').on('touchmove', function(event, slick, currentSlide, nextSlide){

→ 無事解決!

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?