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Digital Interaction Signage

More than 1 year has passed since last update.

Digital Signage is a new communication medium for reaching people wherever they are, shopping, traveling, school. it is a kind of digital screen that displays the content in 3D graphic, graphic, slides, videos, live feeds, database content, picture.

What kind of ideas should we apply in Digital Interaction Signage?

Can you image that how big the impact of the Digital Interaction Signage to the Digital world? In several years ago the Digital technologies was growing very fast. Digital devices are played as importance role in our life. Digital Interaction Signage can apply in many sectors such us :

  • Drive Sales
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Ambience

The top tools for build the Digital Interaction Signage

I would recommend the three tools which is easy and good to build the Digital Interaction Signage:


Unreal Engine is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers. From mobile games to high-fidelity AR and VR experiences to console blockbusters, UE4 gives you everything you need to start, ship, grow and stand out from the crowd. UE4 enables you to deploy projects to Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, AR, VR, Linux, SteamOS, and HTML5.

UE4 uses C++ to develop. With UE4 we can develop Augmented Reality Virtual Mirror plugin running inside UE4 editor. It is for only Windows and it requires a Kinect sensor for motion tracking.


Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity technologies. The engine can be used to create both three-dimensional and two-dimensional games as well as simulations for desktops and laptops, home consoles, smart TVs, and mobile devices. The engine offers a primary scripting API in C#, in the both the Unity editor in the form of plugins and the drag and drop functionality.

With Unity, we can develop application for digital interactive signage which uses Kinect sensor, a motion tracking and with skeleton tracking method. By using Unity plugin we can build application which we can import 3D modeling from blender open source 3D software.


TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips students, artists, creatives, educators and professionals with the tools needed to create stunning real time projects and rich user experiences. It can be used for making a wide range of interactive 3D art, multi-screen interactive experiences, museum exhibits, data visualizations, architectural
projections, systems control, live visual performances and for the rapid-prototyping of any creative impulse. TouchDesigner open and highly-visual procedural architecture encourages discovery, creativity and productivity providing an exploratory and responsive way to work. TouchDesigner is the perfect choice for any modern media curriculum.

The sample projects

  1. Retail Clothing : it makes easy for shoppers to engage with products by using voice and gesture, try them on, and purchase while also using social media for additional marketing reach. The video ref :
  2. Scan image from Drawing picture and display it : users draw the picture, and scan then it will display in screen.
    The video ref :
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