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Swift API Design Guidelinesを翻訳してみた(Fundamentals)

Last updated at Posted at 2015-12-09

Swift API Design Guidelinesを翻訳してみた(Fundamentals)

Fundamentals - 基本

  • Clarity at the point of use is your most important goal. Code is read far more than it is written.


  • Clarity is more important than brevity. Although Swift code can be compact, it is a non-goal to enable the smallest possible code with the fewest characters. Brevity in Swift code, where it occurs, is a side-effect of the strong type system and features that naturally reduce boilerplate.


  • Write a Documentation Comment for every method or property in Swift’s dialect of Markdown. Ideally, the API’s meaning can be understood from its signature and its one- or two-sentence summary:


    /// Returns the first index where `element` appears in `self`, 
    /// or `nil` if `element` is not found. 
    /// - Complexity: O(`self.count`). 
    public func indexOf(element: Generator.Element) -> Index? {

  • Insights gained by writing documentation can have such a profound impact on your API’s design that it’s a good idea to do it early on.


  • If you are having trouble describing your API’s functionality in simple terms, you may have designed the wrong API.



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