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Heroku Redis Command

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$ heroku redis --help
Usage: heroku redis:info [DATABASE]

gets information about redis

 -a, --app APP       # app to run command against
 -r, --remote REMOTE # git remote of app to run command against

Additional commands, type "heroku help COMMAND" for more details:

  redis:cli [DATABASE]          #  opens a redis prompt
  redis:credentials [DATABASE]  #  display credentials information
  redis:info [DATABASE]         #  gets information about redis
  redis:maintenance [DATABASE]  #  manage maintenance windows
  redis:maxmemory [DATABASE]    #  set the key eviction policy
  redis:promote DATABASE        #  sets DATABASE as your REDIS_URL
  redis:timeout [DATABASE]      #  set the number of seconds to wait before killing idle connections
  redis:wait [DATABASE]         #  wait for Redis instance to be available




$ heroku redis:credential



$ heroku redis:cli


$ heroku redis:maintenance --help
Usage: heroku redis:maintenance [DATABASE]

manage maintenance windows

 -a, --app APP       # app to run command against
 -f, --force         # start maintenance without entering application maintenance mode
 -r, --remote REMOTE # git remote of app to run command against
 -w, --window WINDOW # set weekly UTC maintenance window
 --run               # start maintenance

Set or change the maintenance window for your Redis instance

メンテナンス関連機能。 -fオプションや--runオプションでメンテナンス手動実行可能

メンテナンス時間をいじりたいときには -w オプションで。

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