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      - script:
          name: Run Brakeman
          code: bundle exec brakeman -qz



下記のようにbundle exec brakeman -Iとコマンドを打ち込むと、インタラクティブに無視する警告を設定することができます。


$ bundle exec brakeman -I

Input file: |config/brakeman.ignore| [Enter]
No such file. Continue with empty config? [Enter]
Your answer isn't within the expected range (included in ["y", "n", "yes", "no"]).
?  y
1. Inspect all warnings
2. Hide previously ignored warnings
3. Skip - use current ignore configuration
?  1
Confidence: High
Category: Session Setting
Message: Session secret should not be included in version control
File: config/initializers/secret_token.rb
Line: 12
Action: (i, n, k, u, a, s, q, ?) 


i - Add warning to ignore list
n - Add warning to ignore list and add note
s - Skip this warning (will remain ignored or shown)
u - Remove this warning from ignore list
a - Ignore this warning and all remaining warnings
k - Skip this warning and all remaining warnings
q - Quit, do not update ignored warnings
? - Display this help


  • iで無視リストに追加
  • sでスキップ
  • uで無視リストから除外


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