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aospでLollipop MR1のソースが公開されました(6)

More than 3 years have passed since last update.




project frameworks/base/ その2

102670f TIF: fix setSurface() logic

90e9307 Rename EXTRA_NETWORK ConnectivityManager constants.

d109a7c Add an API to check availability of Ethernet interface.

18764bf QS: Inversion tile: Don't consider initial 0 setting trackable.

b9c87fb Scale bitmaps in metadata sent to the system

70850ea Improve logging around performance critical events

2af21e0 Add padding above and below dialog lists to match Material spec

7c9746d Move default token handling into WindowManagerImpl

71dfa96 TIF: set audio gain properly

6c211ff Reset the transitionAlpha after the transition completes.

6c43e6b Fix and be more explicit about plurals best practices.

1f4c02b Stop activity onVisibleBehindCanceled()

baf21da Additional changes to SubscriptionManager API as per API council.

1850627 TTY over IMS: Add messages about change of TTY mode in the repote device

a79acc0 Doc change: localized content.

0d1c27a Fix seeking and scaled duration behavior

9ab79cc docs: Bugfix & minor cleanup for "Providing Messaging for Auto"

ff17024 Fix issue with call backs from media process.

4f0e4a9 Add new empty app test entry points.

2db3bf5 Slide supports Gravity.START and Gravity.END.

a7b6a27 BatterySaver: Update disclosure string.

7fc9176 Add zygote space to Dalvik Heap

6368a7d AudioSystem JNI: fix AudioPortConfig mask usage

7573f49 Fix several small layout and color issues

9b822b9 docs: Added link to CarExtender class from Auto Getting Started doc.

ba45b96 Setting ADB_ENABLED may result in a SecurityException.

6eafa90 SwipeDismissLayout makes activity opaque only after entry animation ends.

57a767f Don't allow an uncreated Network to satsify requests.

5eb21f3 Volume: Ensure ring/notif slider is enabled when ringer=vibrate.

4e857f4 Fade notifications when exiting dozing

5fafd21 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2a42085 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

e911987 Add new subcommand 'set-active-admin' to the dpm command.

5f3cb4a TIF: implement gatherTransparentRegion() and dispatchDraw() in TvView.

98d5f04 Improve GridLayout's weight calculations

448ff71 Re-initialize data when changing time picker 24-hour mode

0b03f99 AudioService: use FEATURE_LEANBACK instead of FEATURE_TELEVSION.

43c6f97 Fixing high cpu usage due to case not falling through to wait logic. (Bug 18390735)

4fea092 Adding new setting LTE_SERVICE_FORCED.

49e213c Add GENERIC_CONFERENCE to phone capabilities.

67def72 Add configuration to control converting sms destination number

cb8ed37 Remove underline and search icon from ActionBar search view

ab57c29 Carrierprivileges: Addressing API council suggestions.

86a1e5a CEC: Use thread-safe version for avr info

cd9c6f5 Frameworks/base: Compiled-classes support

2830130 Add a checksum to FRP partition

2c9fbdd Fix setTextAppearance for styles with dots.

3597b55 Speed up GrantUri.hashCode().

12b6d29 LayoutLib: Stub AM/PM keycodes in Time Picker.

4741fb4 docs: Fixed bugs for Auto docs.

cd356f0 Automatically enable BT when entering BT QS panel

d4180cc Telephony: STK CC feature implementation

cca0d6b add the helpouts widget and necessary tags to "wave 2" of the Getting Started classes

0cb408b Make default carrier name string look better.

498c6cb Prevent some alarm pathologies

15a2ba8 Use SystemClock time to keep track of last event times. (Bug 17995039)

ca77594 Frameworks/base: Compiled-classes support

1c06630 Use stream type if set by user

c3eb155 Fix WPS docs for LABEL method

519c774 Handle volume events on master volume devices correctly

ad6a99b Add time estimates to batterystats dump.

66e86f9 Fixing high cpu usage due to case not falling through to wait logic. (Bug 18390735)

d0c73f4 Don't ignore accessibility overlays during visibility computation

c3b2a00 docs: Add link to "Voice search in your app" video.

a97855b Remove permission check in DevicePolicyManager.isUninstallBlocked()

d2263cd SysUI: Refactor the NetworkControllerImpl

7fbf573 Volume: Dismiss panel on nav bar interaction.

82c97a2 Trim navigation bar buttons

652afdf Increases the falsing threshold when for the keyguard affordances

95ef08b Volume: Don't allow ringer volume of 0 exiting ringer mode.

34b6e35 Fix javadoc in UserManager mentioning application restrictions.

5a14425 Rename the dont_disable_system_apps constant.

a7f226b docs: (Preview) Building an Android Messaging App guide.

7fe755e docs: (Preview) Building Android Audio Playback Apps guide.

c6aed46 docs: Added developer docs for Android Auto 11/18 release.

c918172 TIF: make the tune request handling more efficient

a4ebec8 Adding app quality criteria.

b683e6e TIF: fix NPE for TvInputHardwareManager

c041d88 Tweaking animation XMLs and removing dead code. (Bug 17672056, Bug 18415217)

9c5be4e Improve doc for {get,set}HintAvoidBackgroundClipping

d9268e3 Always wake device on power key from non interactive immediately.

6d76ca0 Change Connections to allow setting conferenceable with conferences.

9029e5e Don't invalidate() on setClipBounds

96d7041 Add some flags to reduce memory usage on svelte devices.

0fa013f Fix deadlock caused by synchronous setOccluded() method in keyguard

44e4ff7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

9a1da68 Expose a SystemApi method to prepare a VPN without consent.

9eef7bc Use dark theme for usb dialogs on television.

c99d3c9 Fix invalidateOutline

396879f Fix missing ellipsis when just one character is truncated

fe03b40 Adding additional null checks to prevent crash after task stack view callback is reset. (Bug 18376798)

643d5ca Addressing API review issues for SmsManager (2/3)

29f7a7b SysUI Tests: Make tests not break SysUI

8d709f3 Camera: Add one more requirement to BURST_CAPTURE

98e25fc air plane mode only send to the owner through the quick setting

da5be61 Updating Subscription Info Icon

db7fca5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

adaa819 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

fbc8df0 Trace some interesting events

abcb059 Don't play hint animation when touching to wake up

2356075 Always set correct policy visibility

126a746 Camera2: Add BURST_CAPTURE capability flag

cba0faa Only keep user switcher bitmaps if needed

2b154a9 Reduce user icon RAM usage

05054bd Add animations for the system bar color views

0de36e5 Move preloaded-classes out of framework.jar.

37e68bd Sysui: Align projection permission dialog checkbox.

824392b Don't crash just because invalid datasets were offered for restore

29230ce Feature request: Increasing advertise data size on non-connectable adv. When the advertisement is non-connectable, give back the bytes to the advertiser where the adv flags would have been. This increases the non-connectable advertisement's advertise data from 24 to 27 bytes.

96afb6f Fix deadlock caused by synchronous setOccluded() method in keyguard

bba231d Explicitly bind AsyncTask to main looper.

b165296 Update clipToPadding docs

ae6119f implement HDMI-like demo mode for remote display

995c62d Frameworks/base: AndroidRuntime standalone preloaded-classes

6eb0939 Prevent user ID reuse until after reboot.

9004fe9 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

d7a305b Adding more javadocs to Carrier messaging API.

2cffc7d Warn user when build fingerprints differ.

a3b3590 Document that circular reveal is async

0a41a57 Consolidated processing of package boardcasts in AM service.

2055907 Fix Visibility transitions canceling when nothing has changed.

aea5c6e Reduce spammy PackageManager critical logs.

96e7f0e Volume: Move "Muted by" string from sysui to frameworks.

86677c9 Fixing regression in screen pinning button visibility. (Bug 18390050)

c0e4aaa Issue #17551667: Voice interaction service should be disabled...

8584491 Block loading WebView in privileged processes.

d8bcfba Verify NFC permission immediately on API calls.

5e5af93 remove preview system image links bug: 18376658

33d92c5 Use package name as custom resolver process name

22dc3b7 New AccountManager method to copy accounts between users.

fbec21f Teach bmgr that "android" is a valid package name

27e579a Use package name as custom resolver process name

b35c960 Wire up surface width/height to lockHardwareCanvas

de7187b Sets windowOverscan for all Wear DeviceDefault themes.

3353824 Don't animate screen brightness if there is a pending off transition

0c22e69 camera2: Add READ_SETTINGS capability.

d03963c Set current degrees when updating RotateDrawable from typed array

9538eea Ignore accessibility overlays during visible window computation

90d5136 Fixing crash in querying the task stack from a fresh load plan. (Bug 18371946)

95b3144 Make indeterminate progress alpha consistent with determinate

3b566b8 Move ringtone redirection to MediaPlayer.

417a956 CEC: Fix a bug in HdmiPortInfo.createFromParcel().

df68999 Don't dismiss AutoCompleteTextView on focus change while temp detached

5e7a29f Fix the starting pen's position when a path close.

26ac6a6 Shutdown backup manager service when device owner is set

44cb243 Fudge clipRect in TextView for extra cursor width

c8117e3 QS: Update detail item keyline.

22510ef Fix NPE in DropBoxManagerService.dump()

13cf791 Make package verifier broadcasts foreground.

7144b5d Camera: doc update for independent 3A

4612740 Implement Material-style delegate for CalendarView

827015e Prevent NPE when computing FastScroller position with no visible items

8c41156 Add extra to enable device admins to skip removal of system apps.

283a9d9 AudioRecorder read buffer overflow

9c803fa MTP: Update JNI for new packet getters

048af1f Fix doze jank by removing a fullscreen layer of overdraw

30bd3bb Revert "Debug for bug 18017409"

68b83a7 Fix wrong states when waking up from doze via touch

25c3421 Zen: Update condition text for current condition.

2acaeda Fix Bitmap leaks in ImageWallpaper

a737667 Update current.txt with the new extra

aaf2f3e Add extra for account migration in the DevicePolicyMamager

0df377c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

a191aa9 Remove an unnecessary condition from previous change.

f26e4ce Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c9fc837 Add new samples to what's new page.

7b5be5e Improve screen brightness boost behavior.

f378f7f docs: Clarifies the difference between the Android framework location APIs and the Google Play services location APIs. Fixes 80-character line length.

0e12fa1 Add offset method to Outline

c93802b Update enabe/disableCellBroadcast with RAN argument

840162d Add telephony.DisconnectCause for merged IMS call.

201caf5 Adding method to query backup manager service activity status

f9c50c4 new sms/mms carrier app API

00ead12 Fix VoLTE configuration on secondary TMO MCC/MNC.

bdc3a46 Delay connecting to MmsService until APIs are called for imms

efa0c17 Shadow: Fix the crash in spot shadow

d82f8a9 Check bounds on CharSequence drawText methods

978f85c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

451e338 [WebView] Allow the WebView to be compiled against the system SDK.

4acd0ec Account for window bounds in accessibility view click point computation

1b657d9 Fix the order of sample categories left nav.

fabb70b Add reporting of Parcel memory/count.

53f2569 Fix docs build breakage

451a6f8 fix crash on invalid base64 key

d68b87c Recover apps with malformed certificates.

3932063 Shadow: Fix the crash in spot shadow

f13b4b3 SysUI: Add basic test coverage for signal levels

c1bf285 Update hint text color even when text present

4678dcc Add a way to override Xfermode DO NOT MERGE

d01ff6d Added synchronization to handlePackagesChanged method

449c588 audiosystem JNI: check env pointer before use.

05f3512 Optimize setting padding and backgrounds for views

f9afb46 Fix default attributes in ScaleDrawable

45c00b5 Don't unload the sound model on stopRecognition

1dfab89 Fix build breakage from missing close brace.

5c1a63c Add new API to set voicemail number.

9adc33a fix code type and mention api level 21 exception for bindService()

d9f3fdf Ensure time picker dialog fits on small screens

1dc4065 Increases the falsing threshold when for the keyguard affordances

c3672cd Cancel or drop key events if activity is stopped.

bc19c18 Enforce VPN control "permission" with an actual permission.

3830c60 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

3ae0d31 Fixed constant window switching on lock screen with Swype KB.

002d43d Fix getChildVisibleRect to clip correctly.

f336f4c Solved notification overlay issue once and for all

6b6c626 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

f8d77da Improve lockscreen launch animations

d6f440e Correctly handle launch animations for affordances

44f60cc Fix lockscreen launch animations once and for all

f9c0e8f Added dissapear animation to pattern and pin input

11bce12 Add detailed javadoc for AssetManager.getLocales.

138b833 Obliterate LockPatternUtilsCache

fc29e0b Properly destroy TrustAgentWrapper when not bound

90e7333 TIF: enhance documentation for TvInputManager.getAvailableStreamConfigs()

9592b01 Frameworks/base: Right transform in DngCreator

9840c07 Make Message.setAsynchronous() public.

4b7b68d Add "notification" category for samples.

2d91f63 Don't propagate AnimatedStateListDrawable state change to super()

96802ad Fix PhoneAccount parceling (1/2)

3df1c38 Fix ParceledListSlice to enforce the same concrete types among its elements.

ec452d9 Put native apps above browser in resolver activity.

f37a364 Add details and performance warnings to save flag docs

fd6ad74 Support for delayed audio focus

de53b04 Doc update: new reg error code + snippet

1375d37 Sensor documentation fixes.

9c78540 Use the suggested stream if it's currently active

c08eab8 Show error dialogs over apps that dismiss keyguard

4ee0eb3 Adding null checks for unset stack. (Bug 18329447)

a91c293 Preload only visible thumbnails and task icons. (Bug 17672056, Bug 18291345)

52c39a1 Allow profile owners to set the unknown source setting

4f683cd If task isn't found in recents, look in the stacks.

7fa3a66 CEC: Buffer messages coming from unknown device

476cc83 Update PhoneAccount icon API (1/6)

264d3a2 Update GhostView properly when underlying view changes.

a374c3d Update SubscriptionManager API as per API council.

e042bf2 If task isn't found in recents, look in the stacks.

a37774f Fixed a bug where the clearable flag was set inconsistently

223c66b Add event logs when we launch fullscreen notications.

691487d Remove unnecessary reflection lookup in Animators.

482e6da IMS: Peer capabilities support

7d5f374 Improved the dismiss all animation

2c5cddb Don't skip loading object animator.

3c984d6 Zen: Exit downtime on next alarm (if mode=none).

76a748e Tell installd when boot completes.

7f6c0d7 Populate 464xlat LinkProperties only when the interface comes up.

8976a09 return error MEDIA_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED when Range request fail

a2bb565 AAPT: Ignore densities specified in -c flag

49fb297 telephony: Add tethering profiles to support mvno

c3344e8 split-select: fix OSX build

85d558c Add Activity API to get referrer information.

767461e telephony: Change string to string-array config_tether_apndata to support mvno

f89b58c Fix Material styling in remaining dialogs and layouts

98e70d0 Fixed index out of bounds issue when removing windows.

1a40fac AVD: Requires all animator has stopped before start again.

ec3e980 dont blacklist wifi config that have had validated internet status in the past

aea80f4 Cancel lockscreen/shade gestures when orientation changes

812d702 Wake up device in the case a touch is encountered in theater mode when the screen is off and no dream is running.

e542499 Add LockSettingsStorage tests

2ff3ba5 Use fonts for smaller languages of South and Southeast Asia.

3dcae68 Add caching to LockSettingsStorage

8657baa Fix setting styles in custom views.

0e094d9 Apply @hide / @SystemApi to android.telecom.*

1c2b0d5 AudioEffect JNI: use new max preprocessing constant

6c912b7 Make add-call a global property of telecom. (1/4)

6b0623a Zen: Pull next-alarm tracking out into separate helper.

8299d02 Add tv product variants to strings.

0a81822 Fix Keyguard affordances for RTL

450ce9f Disable LockPatternUtilsCache

2d8cd7c docs:builds tools 21.1.1 update

0d8537a Fix build

fe46f4d Remove unused local field.

fa62b15 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

1532657 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

37d7a68 Fix inset hinting when adding window

547b9ba Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

532b614 Fix NetworkMonitor logging to include NetID.

d453184 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

7850373 Doze: Fix trigger sensor re-registration.

bb4a702 Volume dialog: Add zen mode icons and notification access.

94ef789 [WebView] Interface to access hidden APIs.

541afcd Clarify documentation for DevicePolicyManager

1832d2f QS: Animated hotspot tile icon.

d7faa95 QS: Icon animation update for existing animations.

88d12e5 Frameworks/base: Clockwork preloaded-classes list DO NOT MERGE

8778f99 [RemoveAccount API]: Adding support for intent.

0fb25fa UsageStatsService: Update file index to prevent double checkin

0814d41 Change Configure structure to List

650a908 docs: Material design shadow fixes.

2a53332 Resurrect dusty PackageManagerTests.

3632637 docs: b/17996176 [DAC-review-bug] Update Hardware Accelerated Table to API 21 Change-Id: I3bb972cc1defd3e6fa6295664e41311b85698f31

ab45ec1 SubInfoRecord provides a tinted icon with the initial embossed.

73c3068 Call OnTimeChangedListener when new TimePicker values are selected

83b6ef0 Inform PendingIntent sender if broadcast was not queued.

cc3c573 Reduce number of saveLayer calls in RippleDrawable

740da47 Don't register more receivers and observers for every DateTimeView

ccce016 ProcessCpuTracker touching proc is fine.

796e9b7 Add primitive shadows support to LayoutLib

53d63dc Added the restrictions pending application restrictions key.

050a8a0 DO NOT MERGE Fix finalizer ordering/double-free issue

ce8c358 Update above/below backgrounds in PopupWindow.setBackground()

c247b8f QS: Long-press on usage-based tiles to hide.

8c51d0b Reset rotation-lock-for-accessibility setting on upgrade.

bbdc1c0 Add HIDE_CARRIER_NETWORK_SETTINGS global setting.

e0cdb60 Prepare for testing the NetworkControllerImpl

e1013f9 API changes to add carrier name to subinforecord

823c7bc Fix Build

aa95a88 Have an actual fallback if the surface is lost

eff209d docs: Fixes to the Data Layer Wear class.

bbe23b3 Enable runtime turndown of backup/restore services

c298f9c Fix finalizer ordering/double-free issue

12f5e34 Fix wrong-thread issue

18f99d9 Material design for screen pinning cling

ddfe33b Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

31b3de0 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

e6ac0cd Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

a8b1305 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ab4650c Conference event package performance improvement.

5ce1cb2 Move device admin max screen off timeout to internal interface.

7fb8e7f CEC: Send regardless of TV's setting.

a237a31 Fix build

46f7f5d Replace onConferenceChanged with onConnectionAdded.

2763095 Increasing the min swipe thresholds for the nav bar gestures. (Bug 17109581)

7ae4b7e Fixing Recents crash when resetting focus of TaskView already returned to the pool.

ae52c56 Adjust owner info to spec

30e6584 Change access to removeConnection so we can override it.

df11d58 Fix crash during Bluetooth on/off stress test

423c44d [DO NOT MERGE] Increase min free levels for cached processes on 64bit

e763c9b Clean up encapsulation in date picker classes

d2dcd6f A better looking and faster spot shadow.

dcdfe9f split-select: Fix rules generated for anydpi density

1d29582 docs: fix for Brand inquiries form

b481735 Add logging for failure to finish.

1c39bcc Yank ResourceCache out of Caches

c1b99f7 Fix NPE when parceling SubInfoRecord

f71d394 Fixed a bug where the HUNs were not clickable

044d529 Adding bounce animation for affiliated tasks. (Bug 16656169)

a11bb74 Add logging for failure to finish.

d6570d1 Support theme attributes in StateListDrawable element

7ce5d75 Only modify add Transition targets when they aren't targeted.

5565cb4 Plumbing for screen pinning request from sysui


3fdf2a8 Make APIs to get system phone accounts public

42d04db More fixes for keyguard animations.

de70986 Fix NPE for CTS.

7f38664 Let scorers fine-tune scoring heuristics.

9173c8a Remove needlessly thrown IOException.

46e3ac8 Implemented requestNetwork with a PendingIntent.

01ca127 docs: Removed statement that ART does not implement compacting garbage collection. bug: 18181075

7ab8ecd Zen: Track next-alarm condition across reboots.

8b79fb6 RSSI indicator says that SIMless device has a SIM

a13846d Update metadata artwork and uri docs

a35778c Yank ResourceCache out of Caches

1d6d427 Adding wallpaper animations

cc0753b docs: Add API_UNAVAILABLE case for Wear. Bug: 17753200

17488b9 Show recents button while pinned and locked

0361147 CEC: Allow no parameters with .

b21220e Minimize the number of default enabled IMEs part 4


326c70e Doc change: Add play dev guide page with index card and shareable download.

0ce7321 Doc change: Add play dev guide page with index card and shareable download.

70c9a06 DO NOT MERGE: Don't log passwords returned from vdc

a95f1a9 CEC: Don't send on the short message

e303bf4 Update TrustAgentService API after review

9fe4221 docs: Add more information for getting started with TV app

427c641 Make setOutlineProvider change transitionGroup.

b0a28ea Don't reload the layout every time we enter Recents. (Bug 18160176)

2e594cf Change boot screen title to "Android is starting" when not upgrading.

7d2d4fd Fix singleUser provider grants

bc6a960 Fix NPE when parceling SubInfoRecord

06314e4 Fix Legacy typing of net-specific requests.

e56f2bb Allow apps with SCORE_NETWORKS to set the active scorer.

559e6d3 Increasing the min swipe thresholds for the nav bar gestures. (Bug 17109581)

df4c4ac Doc change: update behavior changes and move to separate doc. Add nogotofail to SSL best practices.

fd15f47 Log shader source when it fails to compile

3a9321d Docs: Fix typo in Preference android:order attribute.

3e0cfcd skip MediaController callbacks if it's been unregistered

b27a8a5 AudioEffect JNI: use new max preprocessing constant

fa35d14 Allow PathMotion to affect translations in ChangeTransform.

cc30c8d Zen: Add the ability to enter "None" mode during downtime.

276a6eb When keyguard exits use same anim for all windows

1afa82d docs:remove sdk/ndk note

02329c0 Add configuration to control converting sms destination number

f92fc1c Fix incorrect doc for WifiInfo#getSSID().

07c9c63 docs: Add details to Packaging Wearable apps.

e52abb3 Adapted HUN behavior when swiping vertically

9bd9d0c Fixed a bug where the HUNs were not clickable

1a521f3 Fixed a bug that the notifications were not animating when reset

d29149d Materialize default app icon.

92f6a74 docs: Added info on noHistory and onActivityResult(). Bug: 13807256

874b35b Round charging indication to nearest minute

c53113b Fix DhcpResults.setDomain() and StaticIpConfiguration.toLinkProperties()

c6df3cf QS: Toggle tile icon animations.

3e9d9b5 Fix janky in transition doze -> lockscreen

37bc92c Zen: Create a new exit condition for "next alarm".

44eb8b7 Revert "When keyguard exits use same anim for all windows"

326aef0 Add recorder address to all recording listerner apis.

939d5c6 Restore mLazyDexOpt behavior for eng builds

a15aa7d Automatic brightness using ALS while dozing.

ab79fce Fixing crash in recents window transition. (Bug 18246975, 18159006)

3e0bb7b Changes related to setting default color for sim in multisim.

d2fa514 Use default token instead of wrapped window manager

97621e0 Increase min free levels for cached processes on 64bit

2cd23e6 Fix hasSurfaceInsets check when creating hardware renderer

9634abe Update network selections on capability change.

a7d1d73 Implement back-tracking when searching for attributes in XML or resource bag

d3e2a08 Fix issue #18240452: No recents screenshot when resuming from keyguard.

84feea11 Abort accessibility node prefetch if parent node is null

86ec608 VD:test:Remove open animation AVD

b834080 When keyguard exits use same anim for all windows

9bda832 Fix bug where checking-in more than once would cause an infinite loop in UsageStatsService

bf78adb Adding 5.0 emulator image and removing older image. 2nd patch set includes low/high res. images.

3b4b1dc Support disconnecting conference participants from conference.

8b564c2 Use CharSequence for DisplayName

8c771c5 Pass surface insets from window attributes rather than params

131e63a Add extras to the PlaybackState

32e5806 Fix bug where checking-in more than once would cause an infinite loop in UsageStatsService

566c1ed Add setRatingType to MediaSession

55e846d Add config to control going to sleep when entering theater mode.

2c34b5e Add a BufferItem parameter to onFrameAvailable

93cad8c Pass surface insets from window attributes rather than params

7c1ad0c Hide Surface#lockHardwareCanvas DO NOT MERGE

1cf14ac Adding method to get disconnect cause from conference

d54b578 Fix issue #17305377: Don't kill process if it still has tasks.


0f8f120 Don't use framework permission strings for netd permissions.

2871e05 docs: Add API_UNAVAILABLE case for Wear. Bug: 17753200

261d5ab Refactor LockSettingsService into storage and logic

e48ef2a Cancel animation when target changes.

0cce70c Fix jump in two-finger expand motion with no notifications

31798f1 QS: Create the tile background once per tile.

ad3bc7f Fix a keyguard charging status

c0f0a74 Fix low profile bar mode for Material themed apps

b4f8a98 Default gradient radius to %p when no intrinsic width or height set

5ecbfeb Always update date picker position after change in range

adbe8bf AudioService: fix wired headset insertion delay.

8fa4d6f AudioService: fix cross deadlock

4034546 docs: Removed broken link to non-existent method.

b7c2656 Make points drawn with default paint visible

1b51c72 Add missing secure stop methods

2d69581 QS: New rotation-lock tile icon, using AVDs.

de7de47 Add error checking to aapt for split generation

a593fa9 Fix a small typo in a variable name

1842930 Few more small meminfo improvements.

07dd521 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ec705c2 Only hide sensitive content when Keyguard is showing

e1970f1 Doc change: Tv doc updates for publishing in Google Play.

c3dc0b5 Build the split-select tool without C++11 support

4bf5810 Fix issues that will be present in C++11

56f299b Add UserHandle to BeamShareData

60c0c0d Send broadcasts when VPNs come and go.

9dc852a docs: Update Android Dashboard for November 2014

95fc99b Clean up public API of SubInfoRecord.

b2299c1 Adn queries for multi-SIM. (2/3)

88f5fc7 Fix counting

55b46ef Fix cancel crash

5f2edfc Improve support for the barcode-on-screen use case for wearables.

a958819 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

cbe614f Improve TrustManagerService user lifecycle

d2c26c9 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

5c13832 [Theater Mode] Add framework support for screen double tapping out of theater mode.

9d68b3c Remove deprecated DateFormat APIs.

1ecd7cd Update QS tile states after unlocking

c95236d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0bc4917 Always update quick settings header translation in onLayout

6733743 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0e2b73f An intent forwarded from a chooser intent will be a chooser too.

f654533 Show message when intent is forwarded across profiles.

79d2b4c TIF: Fix a typo and remove an unused method in TvInputService

4dd56c9 TIF: Add more documentation on start/end time of TvContract.Program

13f00f0 Implement multi-press behavior for power key.

e333e67 Add a function to boost screen brightness temporarily.

b256e4e Fix SetupWizard black screen issue for EDU devices

e8ad737 docs: multidex - building apps with over 65K method references

b592d84 Fix javadoc.

fce84f0 Crash apps that print malformed or password protected PDFs.

c0d2d0a Animate starting windows when keyguard dismissed.

e129d33 Add Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 to the device framer.

a31c23d Only allow USER_OWNER to access PDB and change OEM unlock ability

c962b1d Improve a calculation method for LTE antenna reception level

0e89e2b Layer changes

3d50308 Fix USB audio disconnect logic

a663f86 Even, Even more telecom javadoc.

d3ef8e2 Reject SUPL connection when data is disbaled by user. b/18127920

067fbaa docs: b/15180738 - invalid urls in badge generator

9f357ae Add convenience method for getting the complex unit type

2ef87ee Split Telecom PhoneAccount registration permissions.

42c6329 AlertDialog metrics and measurement fixes

a62050d Mark Gps Raw related APIs as System APIs. b/16727892

3c5db51 Clear the initialized flag when resetting the height.

6568d70 Add support for GPS measurement/navigation message capabilities. b/16727892 b/16815124

311506a Don't update OverScroller fling state if no time has passed since start

df11984 Fix reference leak in GPS measurement JNI layer. b/16727892 b/17075171

7c00619 Have Pm return the correct code

62fddcd docs:studio-updates-814v2

310df31 Clear the initialized flag when resetting the height.

fd9aa5f Update 1-bar status bar / qs icons.

94cfd9d Move LOCK_TO_APP_EXIT_LOCKED from System to Secure

9400524 Backup and restore battery saver trigger level

95e8a67 Handle MMI for multi-SIM (1/3)

26bf2f7 revise helpouts tags to use just one on each page

0da6b00 revise helpouts tags to use just one on each page

bec22be Save to a PDF file should look like print preview.

6edb5c6 Improve low on RAM reporting.

4c3a07b docs: b/18119632 isGame, b/18119595 banner

06a0c3a Implement nice transition for unlocking while QS is open

bb3d1cf Fixed a bug with the notification appear animation

1d59af4 Mirrored clear all animation for RTL

ab1dc95 Fixed a bug that the panel was not closable in the locked shade

c4fc00a Do not fix uris inside the system.

c418f07 [WebView] Remove WEBVIEW_DATA_REDUCTION_PROXY setting.

1b7f51e Fixed a crash in the Notification expandHelper

3a9c10a Fixed a bug when tapping in the empty space of the notification panel

dd6cb55 Tidy up unused hidden methods in LauncherApps

8e3f4fb Remove CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE_DELAY and friends.

5dd072d Allow swipe down to dismiss for ResolverDrawerLayout

cf0f740 If no display settings are matched, return the first one. DO NOT MERGE

96b245a docs:studio-update-814

8fdb0d4 More AudioPolicy registration

6c70290 Adding APIs to enable apps to influence accessibility traversal.

9c79504 Add enter-animation-done callback for system windows

8e93f0c Mention ECDHE_PSK bug in Javadoc of PskKeyManager.

8e482e6 Remove scroll view from correct parent in AlertController

e56b5d3 also add backtraces of CPUs before watchdog kills system server

4a57b9b Creating connections for conference event package participants.

e69bebd Preserve explicit consumed state in replaceSystemWindowInsets DO NOT MERGE

35c3cb6 Remove scroll view from correct parent in AlertController

1fb941d Ensure views are attached prior to starting enter transition.

3aa1ffb Fix inset check in ThreadedRenderer

ca5094a Fix NPE when snapshot ImageView uses ScaleType.MATRIX.

9fa48b0 Fix BridgeContext.get*ResourceValue()

df0ebab Support framework menus in ActionBar

0bffc73 Use the right layout for inflating Action Bar.

e91c37d Fixes wrongly nested braces. Bug: 17499985

f7dee54 Only draw AbsListView selector when focused or pressed

0620c45 also add backtraces of CPUs before watchdog kills system server

c5baa3e Fixed a bug with notification clipping

7e8d8b8 Fixed ADB documentation to work properly on Windows Bug: 17192985

d7892e7 Fix equality test in getProfileOwnerAdmin()

5baaaac Fix not to show a log with empty default ime


0cc96d3 Ensure we don't pass null values in to Theme.resolveAttributes

7f4a63d Ensure we don't pass null values in to Theme.resolveAttributes

112e053 Change javadoc of setAccountManagementDisabled.

0b1528a Make status bar expanding more tightly coupled to finger

dc66908 Enable 464xlat on wifi.

e21a26b Add support for running 464xlat on wifi as well.

3a1a0bb Add a cross-profile intent filter only if it wasn't previously added.

ce34c6d TIF: handle inputs holding the overlay view even after the session release

095fa37 Conditionally allow non-primay profiles to use TextServices

3eefa59 TIF: Handle notifyXXX() calls requested before the session initialization

d739d7b Ensure ImageView.setImageResource() always resolves Drawable

154c2c2 Show scroll indicators in AlertDialog

f296940 Distinguish unspecified and explicit null values in resources

13d7ea4 DO NOT MERGE - Doc update: deliv receipt, rate exceeded, bug fixes.

1742413 Even more javadocs for telecom.

8f89feb SoundTrigger JNI: fix local reference leak.

2022db0 Doc update: deliv receipt, rate exceeded, bug fixes.

9f60c08 Change boot screen title to "Android is starting" when not upgrading.

4aa3684 Add a missing mms_config constant to SmsManager

79c067c5 Add setters for window elevation and clipToOutline properties

9a6fdfe docs: Two-page notification fix.

d9e614f More updates to javadocs for Telecom APIs.

7c053c1 Print preview disappearing if printer is changed.

5f79d17 docs: Fix the circularReveal example.

755f402 fix build break from mis-named DEBUG flag in SystemUI

c1bcdbb Fix android_media_AudioSystem_getMasterMute return type.

d513379 Update drawable state after updating tint list

178d3b5 Fix crash during Bluetooth on/off stress test

79ac09e Add logging to diagnose notification click issue.

2b12b58 Create translucent hardware renderer if surface insets are non-zero

3abf5c4 Use action mode context for ActionMode menu inflater

cb38318 Fix getPackageInfo("android") in the system server.

8e5aafe Condense AndroidRuntime init log, include uid running under.

fe6d57c Move all actionbar related methods to DecorToolbar

d21fd9d Add theme and config change support to more Drawable types

e8e2865 SysUI: Use mScreenOnFromKeyguard for panel visibility

570cc53 Fix exception in AudioService when no BT Headset is connected.

12cf9e5 SysUI: Never log GONE notifications as visible

53f28ec Improve dump of status bar service

bcb15cc cherrypick from klp-modular-docs docs: make fixes to Wear training material Change-Id: I27c2c754a027f7202a6388a60008ad3a594132c4

3b4a018 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

3c8b334 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0e7ae4e Fix colored status bar panning issues

42bfc9a PowerUI: Suppress warning on incremental drops.

98fa70c QS: Only hide grid if there is detail to show

cfaec48 Follow up to I495ce480c25de24b6433adebdfe923b637d98f66

c88fbd3 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

16423aa Improve doze transitions

e11952e Use native brige only if we have a private data directory.

e9d6743 PreInitializeNativeBridge only if its Available

ca8c626 Tune spacing in navigation bar for small and big devices

2ceaee6 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b9e290c Cancel ripple animations when window is hidden

5cfbcd3 Fix the length of a profiler system property

1970cfd Fix ActionMenuView vertical alignment of items

befe778 Treat optimistic addresses as global preferred.

6727926 Added a function to clear accounts for a specified package.

795893e More flexible intent extra parsing.

5fe3a6c CEC: Use language code "chi" for Traditional Chinese

617e809 Add missing delegate for AnimatorInflater.

f6a36e9 Inflate ActionMode items against the ActionBarContextView theme

8508534 Add content description to Toolbar collapse button

0fa6edc Fixes linebreaks that had gotten altered during the run-up to 5.0 release.

87023b8 Disable circular display mask with color inversion

461b265 docs:eclipse-migrate update

074bf10 PhoneAccounts include literal icon bitmap (1/4)

78e652a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

3df06dd Fix typo in activity_testing.jd

c74b572 Fix issue 6455374: Bad recent image on camera launch from lockscreen.

0b42936 Skip loading animations.

7005840 Listen for package changes for all users not just owner.

7c72c2d Add comment to TelecomManager.getCallState

726d4de Add dumpsys support for bluetooth

632af84 Ensure accessibility focus rect is drawn correctly

3bffcf7 Communicating participant changes to conference controller.

563acea Post volume requests to the handler thread in MediaSession

d95198e Remove checks to support new sim color selection.

8326a8a Reveal notification listener settings APIs.

9c4b060 Zen: Fix quantity format specifiers for quantity=1.

1ae88e3 Undo erroneous delete done by I94eb65c62231b5831570bb0cbbbd9c916bee0a37

b6444c4 Fix multiple styles case in resource resolution.

4a605c6 Use right theme for drawable inflation.

a825c8e docs: Cherry pick from lmp-dev update screen shot Change-Id: I9eeed45c7dea9f1b988544c75a906f234a787905

5d32507 QS: Bring back BT/Wi-Fi sub-panels

32c65a5 Update javadocs for Telecom APIs.

c90e6fe Zen: Show "(until 4:56 PM)" in exit conditions.

2d1ef30 Close keyguard user switcher on tap outside

9543946 Support more than one clatd at a time.

555f198 Replace minimum with maximum in method description.

4eedc1d Fix jank when launching something from lockscreen

952d5d8 Add hotspot icon to status bar

f3cab63 Change removeStackedLink to take an interface name.

d3b9fd3 (re)define the definition of "provisioned"

a3c9be0 docs: Update timing of Android Wear app review

576a4b7 Updates Notifications screenshot for Android 5.0.

732e4ec DO NOT MERGE Fix lmp-sprout-dev build for generics addition

d4e7790 Play CLICK sound effect when compound buttons are clicked

80c9fbe Update current.txt with generics to field types.

99b4e85 Update drag-to-open menu close behavior

4444c5b Add missing passive discovery flag

d126294 Docs: Adding Android Studio instructions for adding IAB service.

c28bd35 Check upgrade certs before permissions.

5ea1744 MediaCodec/Image: handle null cropRect correctly

cff1d67 Follow API removal.

2b4b3d2 cherrypick from lmp-dev docs: Updated GMS Javadocs for Moarchego release. Change-Id: I696098f563f774f585458aa658deefe03570c0ce

fa3515b Do not go through a layout if visibility is GONE

eca1ae5 Fix NPE in moveSharedElementsToOverlay

07cd124 Improve toString() methods for audio classes to help with debugging

036ebd7 Follow ArraySet refactoring.

950ff1b Be more conservative about current buffer

23d307c Cleanup debug options

6adfbdd docs:Remove tools/index.jd file.

bf79153 docs: Add links to Wear UI training from Design pages.

ca71001 docs: Add instructions to attach debugger to a running process.

f14fdda Fixing potential crash when the task loader is stopped. (Bug 18135583)

79775d4 Update current.txt with generics to field types.

61fcad9 docs: Add SearchXonY to Common Intents

91377de audioservice: fix default stream volume

fa81d21 Fix NPE in FlashlightController

ad66c3b Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

5929314 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b3a3396 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b9ae090 Fix stale unlock icon

9162890 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ea72c08 Schedule to write package restrictions.

1382e67 NoMan: Add update bit to notification_enqueue log

8ecb721 CEC: Send ReportMenuStatus:active together sending .

5b820a8 Fix build

4fee8c8 docs: Home page - fix card images that are showing up on the home page

1bb18c4 Add dumpsys output to UsageStatsService, along with --checkin support

99a8243 Printing from two apps at the same time not working.

b7573c2 Add resizeClip attribute to ChangeBounds.

333b809 Fixed: Nested shared elements now transition separately.

cef5a54 Move telecom permission to the public API

83c692e Fix NPE when rejected snapshots are null.

9678e34 Clean up some javadocs in Window.setFeature...()

9e8a84a docs: Fix metadata description. Add new gesture test. Split layout test.

50eb025 Fix min/max date range in DatePicker calendar mode

f764e80 IMS call merge call-back changes.

c99d00b Use default volume description when missing label.

9755937 AudioService: Restore ringer-mode validation check.

5274dcc Drop DEV network stats to save RAM.

0166ddf Recent directories can't show file size.

4237c92 Crash in print spooler if printing app killed from recents.

d9b1cad aapt updates for Android TV

be08587 Check UID instead of package name when preparing VPN.

9f837a9 Reduce PackageManager RAM usage: ArrayMap/Set.

969ca91 Clean up GradientDrawable styled attributes, fix useLevelForShape

ffb46bf Add support for Explore by Touch to RadialTimePickerView

f001e37 libandroidfw: Do not build device library when building SDK

bac679b Preloading task metadata to improve Recents startup time after reboot. (Bug 18057321)

c220d8e Stop crypto UI from crashing during encryption

6320fc4 TIF: Notify of size change of the video in TvView

887f521 TIF: Cache the app private command and send it when connection is made

dbbcfbe Cleaned up status bar closing handling

81e5b5f NoMan: Log canceled notifications

49d5345 Ensure trust agents are disabled in safe-mode

2ace725 SampleTrustAgent: Exercise KeyguardManager.isKeyguardInTrustedState

bcd0765 Add API for querying trusted state

2b0da5c CEC: Fix apilint errors.

63f03dd Change subId to int from long

2916f65 Sometimes historical printers not properly ordered.

0440067 Ensuring that user-specific Recent tasks are removed. (Bug 18036610)

353c0b9 Should use Activity.onEnterAnimationComplete. (Bug 18031283)

5168a7a TIF: exclude tuner TV input not having a setup activity in the input list.

4a7873f [FM]Fix FM App record fail Buganizer ID: 17975676

f2565a8 Volume: Make VolumeUI startup configurable.

5487ab0 CEC: Fix JavaDoc errors.

6029319 Added some more Split density tests

5fc3863 Fix build breakage because missing API methods.

1125d1f Add some free zoom to lockHardwareCanvas

43a5328 Improve documentation

daf33ed Swap names for clock delegates so they are correct

c11a944 [DS] Change the copyright

fad9dd3 Uniform configurations for all T-Mobile MCC/MNCs: VoLTE & MTU size.

d359952 Use one method to change bounds in ChangeBounds.

912abbe docs: Update thumbnail images for resources, update minor text for WR-GS, and update the title image resolution.

45e50e9 Set copies to one when saving to PDF.

e41a9cf Separate VoLTE and VT configurations to enable devices/carriers to have VoLTE without VT.

d422dc3 Added a generic configuration and theme based cache

bb2e2ca Allow I/O when installing providers.

7eb599b Get UsageStats if no PackageUsage is available for boot dexopt filtering.

a585268 Show screen pinning toasts on all users

625ec48 Check if context is actually an activity.

8c4e97d Enhance computation of click point for accessibility.

40e8eef First commit of split-select tool

6c4ce40 Remove SystemApi annotations.

823675f Deprecate more apache-http.

abcb138 Docs: Add TOC page for Wearable samples

a94ae5e Remove TODO in TelecomManager.

e15db7c Add an API to select a network for a DatagramSocket.

bbf8871 Deprecating FloatMath and Time

2acb2b107 Deprecate apache-http.

b254ab6a Fix a bug where LocationManager's addGpsStatusListener does not throw a SecurityException if LocationManagerService.mGpsStatusProvider is null even when ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission is not present.

9aec78c docs: Add Wear App Quality checklist

8ddb01e Update documentation for notifyTracksChanged() and notifyTrackSelected()

3ace54b Add getter methods in SubInfoRecord for UI. Adapt PhoneAccount.

5aad2c9 docs: Add article describing Location API for Android Wear.

87cb043 Docs: Update /samples/new/index.html for Clockwork Beryl release

58a3ddf Add delay in ping connectivity test retry

32c820f update android workplace screenshot bug: 18038081

b3ae31a docs:Build tools revisions 21.01 and 21.02

bd266fe Lighten action bar on light theme, use secondary color for subtitle

9f987e0 fix a few of the tags for helpouts compatibility

e38eb4d Revert "Check MenuItem.isVisible() for keyboard shortcuts"

a81f23e Disable Content-Disposition header for 53005 and 310120

3b415e4 Use correct smooth scroll default duration

c6061fa Added documentation for various window frame types.

cb79d08 docs:Update 4.4W for Wear GPS suppport

9a22a17 Fixing issue where Recents would not work if the time is changed. (Bug 17995039)

19a3904 Change body sensor permission string.

cba01b2 Fix transition being canceled improperly.

5256d93 Fixed a bug where the indication text could get too high

61f9c34 Fix talkback name of screen pinning button

36c62f3 Add an option to set the selected phone account as the default. (1/3)

cbd84af Cherry pick task movement changes from aosp

5c9d717 Fix damage bug

6a7ed1e Propagating isMultiParty indicator from RIL up into Telephony layer.

4da84cd SysUI/NoMan: Log clicks on notification buttons

8e8a0d6 Remove outdated tests for custom decoder.

aad67a3 Don't cancel scheduled jobs when packages are updated

04e6827 Fix settings db update sequence

61139c8 add helpouts widget to first round of pages

b8796e4 docs: Updated Android 5.0 API overview to reflect changed WebView behavior for mixed content and 3rd party cookies.

0572054 Send ACTION_DEVICE_POLICY_MANAGER_STATE_CHANGED Broadcast when a user restriction has been changed.

e8b85fd Fix dumpsys display apptoken ordering.

5bf35f3 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

d56bab2 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2615de9 Surface:lockHardwareCanvas DO NOT MERGE

ecbc5e8 PowerUI: Post/cancel notification as UserHandle.ALL.

b571b92 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

3961d2a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

8f24a8b TIF: fix wrong config comparison & confusing method name

5a3c231 Debug for bug 18017409

13e13dd Format ListPreference summary with empty string if entry is null

be23ff4 Fix issue #17674789: Recents icon resets if persist mode is 'persistNever'

1de55d3 Show ProgressDialog when waiting for radio to turn on when provisioning.

584a445 [Theater Mode] framework implementation through global setting

3f8dd14 Disable activity's translucency until it starts being swiped away.

7e9c215 Grant the shell user a permission to let apps host widgets.

3a5c721 APIs for an accessibility service to put interaction tracking overlays.

4a3084a Add video calling setting to TelephonyManager.

bb2d0cc Surface:lockHardwareCanvas

4184800 docs: Removing extra semicolons in Wear notif examples.

393b1c1 Fix issue #17789629: PopupWindow overlaps with navigation bar.

e354a9e Check MenuItem.isVisible() for keyboard shortcuts

a010375 some fixes to TV App quality and TV games doc. add section to TV Games doc about controller instructions w/ template download. clarify use of tag and standardize headings per Training conventions.

0b3c112 Intent chooser callback

1a3f7db VolumeDialog: Restore default-selection logic.

735f9eb Settings: Make SeekBarVolumizer more null-resilient.

2efbe98 Fix gradient drawable radius when specified as float, dimension

2cb6560 Send HTTP status code back in case of MMS HTTP failure (1/3)

9b73b83 docs: Add instructions to attach debugger to a running process.

8f8e473 Fire onConferenceChanged after reseting conference.

f08c488 docs: Fixed 404 link in SDK Tools page.

2102ac1 docs: Fix hprof-conv location in docs.

7bbb9f6 Sysui: Include shared prefs in service dump.

3057840 docs: Fix typo in search class

449319b docs: Fixing misc minor bugs.

7ca68e4 docs: Add links to Wear UI training from Design pages.

42dc85a Make lock task check if focused better

9a10365 TIF: change input state based on the number of available streams

e8d0054 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b22d9ee CEC: Add missing protections for some HdmiControlService API

b8cad71 docs: Updating dependency vers nums for support libs.

f81c6af Propagate state changes even when we don't change drawable index

20e2d4b change setProvisionedValue/setProvisionedStringValue to return operation result.

1aad144 Disable zen log printouts by default

b69ec77 Check Bridge init before disposing.

d61cc80 Add a constant for invalid profile id value

9b84309 Qualify private outer call in MediaProjectionManagerService.

846b71d change setProvisionedValue/setProvisionedStringValue to return operation result.

2af2d57 Radio Capability Support.

330a74b Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

bd7e93d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

003626a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

00b57df Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

49c1b69 TIF: add more documentation on Hardware session.

0608b93 CEC: Add a callback for vendor when HDMI control setting is changed.

bdf27fb CEC: add getDeviceList()

020bd7b Remove spammy log information for BLE scan.

b3af4ec Fix issue #17948288: Improve accuracy of memory use reporting

1449426 Decoder only returns true on complete success.

177ec46 Only request layout when removeView() actually removes a view

26c563b Prevent excessive accessibility announcements in TimePicker

721fc2a Fix build

74558c3 Set the right expanded state

4b11645 Add functions to update on conference changes.

0eaa1cc docs: Support lib dependency fix. Bug: 18029377

6d035f1 Fix padding between battery and system icons

5b038b4 PowerUI: Uncategorize battery notifications as SYSTEM.

289d797 QS: 7 day timeout for color-inversion tile.

09e9dd2 Fix system icon widths

ee2c206 Add padding when both data icon and wifi icon is visible

1e5bb86 Link and typo fixed

9086562 Minor resource notation/compatibility fixes

3b69688 Add API level for MR1.

75c2c15 telephony re-registry error

443e501 Use Telecom API for checking if a number is voicemail (1/2)

af6732e Revert "Add API method to extract subscription ID from phone account (1/3)"

2cab882 Add system property config.disable_networktime to configure NetworkTimeUpdateService

d25e4ef Revert "Add system property config.disable_timeupdate to configure NetworkTimeUpdateService"

07268ce Link sigchain to main executable

c597c55 Add system property config.disable_timeupdate to configure NetworkTimeUpdateService

af60831 Fix memory corruption in test

195e631 Keyguard: Show IME automatically on tablets

ed8fee2 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

750305b Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2963252 Add style support to PopupMenu, clean up constructor javadoc

5e14dc84 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

6bb2140 Sprint: MMS proxy authorization does not include NAI

7c479f5 Use empty snapshots list when there are no shared elements.

0499bb5 IMS:change enhanced 4g setting to store in setting db.

90a1bd0 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

718ba70 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ef71947 Set content description on CalendarView day labels

67945c1 Update AM/PM selectors for clock face TimePicker

9cefbda View measurement optimization

2ec53eb Remove unused onConferenceWith method

bfb7ffe Externally Reported Moderate Security Issue: SQL Injection in WAPPushManager

1540da4 Fix issues with TrustDrawable

27c3ab6 Prevent ChooserActivity from taking over the system bars

ba76697 TIF: Define more cannonical genres in TvContract

52d6573 Add helper method for checking phone capabilities.

bc57a1f Externally Reported Moderate Security Issue: SQL Injection in WAPPushManager

ca8686a Fixing regression with screen pinning button not animating for the first task. (Bug 17985087)

38e9571 Fixing issue with excluded tasks sometimes showing in Recents. (Bug 17875770)

99562fb Check type resolution on declared methods and fields in ViewDebug

790ac85 Externally Reported Moderate Security Issue: SQL Injection in WAPPushManager

17cd4df Update preload list, clean up drawable theming

5a58943 Prevent index out of bounds when using String.substring.

606b3da Removing unused/dead code related to footer and screenshot transition.

d213a1e Adding mouse wheel support. (Bug 17323718)

94c40fe CARD LAND!

9e1c67e Optimize text rendering in accessibility mode.

e7c5ed9 fixed jank on activity close exit with better alpha interpolation

93eed0c CEC: Use hotplug event for MHL device registry

be98cdc Send VIEW_SELECTED event when View selection state changes

157afde Document Toolbar's vertical alignment strategy

43027b7 Add support for tint and tintMode to GradientDrawable

a7b64e8 Avoid saveLayer in RippleDrawable if the background won't draw

2627206 Revert "Always project ripples"

5dcc3ac Log wallpaper crashes.

1f9b32f Sensor documentation fixes.

b0cad32 Add API method to extract subscription ID from phone account (1/3)

0e588ea Make SeekBarVolumizer restartable.

1d892dc Stop boot dexopt when low on memory.

aaefa59 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b54c175 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

59f3f45 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

810e048 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

6f87b4e CEC: Queue actions for starting later when not ready

08f1ab0 CEC: Do not publish the service if native/HAL is not ready

f5afb4d Revert "Add color to PhoneAccount objects (1/3)"

ad84e06 Allow home to be pressed while in incoming call screen

cdd5e06 Fix inset drawable's intrinsic size, replace ic_text_dot asset

897f6da Support negative value in exponential data in the pathData.

82816c1 Add color to PhoneAccount objects (1/3)

6a3959b SysUI: Reset ExpandableNotiRow.mActualHeight on reset()

69f35c8 IMS: Unsol TTY notification support

163900a Ims: Send user selected TTY mode to lower layers.

1a81592 Not using resource ids for EXTRA_INITIAL_INTENTS inside a managed profile.

f90b6bd Always project ripples

b0b823f Make GlobalKeyManager broadcasts send as foreground

a7a735f Document that MarginLayoutParams margins should be positive.

ef72a19 Apply color to progress bar for notifications

7731a99 Fix a race where NLP consent dialog can be shown unnecessarily

b913af5 Track change to private libcore data structure.

35cd4c8 Add support of advertising through standard instance.(1/4)

45a9da5 Throw a more descriptive exception when adding null to a ViewGroup

4cc3e27 Support dot separation as the svg path data did.

f92f26f Slow down ripple background fade in from press

f7ace52 Fix bug #17900580 Top bar drop shadow no longer transparent

272bf3a Improve priority ordering of apps when performing boot dexopt.

50053db Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c926f83 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

786afcb Trim graphics memory when closing the shade

7a15014 Remove some unused %% strings from frameworks/base.

e95638f Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

6398902 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

184a6d6 TIF: fix NPE at onHdmiDeviceUpdated()

9a64513 Retire RecentApplicationsDialog

f983d08 Increase bind remote print spooler timeout for eng builds.

7511603 Keep the BugreportWarningActivity screen on. Make the bugreport warning text scrollable.

2eb7fad Custom print settings cannot change resolution.

4136a0a Enable fast jni for simple RenderNode/Matrix/Paint operations

727cae1 Mutate and apply theme if needed before caching themed drawables

ec8e720 Ensure AdapterView doesn't post selection notifications forever

af6781d Expand WearableExtender to customize labels.

770ed6e Fix build break

f6c763d Protect against ImageView changing to a null Drawable during Transition.

face7c1 Fixed a crash when the detail panel got very big

ad515e8 CEC: Send after address allocation

8faf2a2 Don't drop WifiConfiguration's ephemeral bit on copy/parcel.

295c3ca Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b501dd1 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

e255e4e Hide bug report notification in Android Framework from watches.

2c54b25 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ce4483c [FM] Add FM
TUNER audio source to support L version FM radio app

419c63b Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c1a064d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

f65288d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

00092db Fix build breakage in API check

aa4b0d8 TIF: fix retrieving sinkConfig

6fe0606 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

5654172 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2c5d702c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

828c0a6 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

1ad503d docs: fixed typo/grammar issues.

9122b1b Use float instead of double to increase spot shadow perf

4ff457e System dialog looked weird on LMP

bc7f4f0 Log exception when creating Activity in ActivityUnitTestCase.

88d2551 Fix percentage formatting in SystemUI.

63ffd78 MtpDatabase: Increase size of string buffer in JNI code

4bf1d21 Download PAC when set after a diff PAC URL

ec2d48b Introduce new API to get an unbadged icon and unbadge permissions.

65cde7d Order apps by priority when performing boot dexopt.

7a81bd8 Fix invalid bounds detection in ExploreByTouchHelper

26f8ed3 docs:Added 64-bit image note from Preview page

6062a09 Enable VoLTE on VZW 311/480

463dcae Update api/current.txt

8566be3 CEC: Ensure the key transmission finishes all the time

0c5c24f Change visibility of RecordSource into public.

981258e [FM] Add FM permission to support FM radio app

d3cf742 Remove Holo fast scroll preview from Material overlay themes

62a8b61 Manage pressed state during drag-to-open

c5b5f05 Account for colorfilter transparency in determining paint opacity

6f59a7a Add supported refresh rates for all DisplayDeviceInfos.

97850c0 [DS] DSDS support for widget view

059476a Avoid creating Caches instance with gfxinfo dump

6eafdfc More test cases from UX team for AVD.

017b13a ActivityTransition: Encode scaleType and matrix in snapshot view

76c01a5 MR1 - Adding more Telecom state dumping.

a33cf07 Fix concurrent access violation.

57c79c8 Clear preordered list in translateBoundsAndIntersectionsInWindowCoordinates

079d682 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

263f3f2 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

434e3f5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

38c6643 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

a8bea8e Add tracing for saveLayer

015f3b4 Get the MCC/MNC using defaults.

5cb769d Fix memory leak where we close the descriptor instead of the file.

d825aac Update CEC keycode repeat status.

fe27961 Apply new Android keycodes to CEC keycode mapping.

73483b6 Support parameterized keycode in cec.

dcc0736 Added mechanism to merge voice & baseline ServiceState objects.

77780a4 Don't print error log if phone account icon is missing

e9f1640 Support multiple SIM/Subscription on telephony registration

57c4452 Run update-api to fix build

8aa0aa5 Update api/current.txt to unhide APIs by ag/554960

f52ac90 Revert "Hide CarrierPrivilege APIs in TelMgr."

7543497 CEC: Send keys to active routing path

104aae1 Only show FAB for the frontmost task

8635c57 Revert "@hide ConnectionService APIs."

c9a5227 Fix NPE when detached View is added as a shared element.

5352081 Enable all actions to have chance to consume incoming message.

8eab2b6 Add SM isUsableSubIdValue

b8d62e7 Fix the hotplug behaviors in TV.

4e2dea7 Cleanup NetworkCapabilities.

cb06f63 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

4887786 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

dbd83a7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

17b4486 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

f0e65a3 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

974c9c8 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0315371 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

63caa9d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0d0f0ce Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

5c87e54 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

d527055 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

39df720 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0601ab1 camera: Fix missing optional Face fields (eyes, mouth, id)

c23d12c Unhide SUB_ID column from Mms, Carriers and PendingMessages

ecfeb0a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

b200ca8 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

40f26d4 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

7b75b43 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

fffb742 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

94562a7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

aa7c8c7 Unhide android.provider.Telephony.Sms.SUB_ID

14b94c5 Update API

62ee07d Rename answerRingingCallUsingSubId to answrRingingCallForSubscriber.

d02ec8d Update current.txt for two renamed methods.

f2090b8 Unhide SubscriptionManager and SubInfoRecord

b2d0bae Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2cb9ead Revert "DO NOT MERGE - Hide new SmsManager API's dealing with SubId"

4f18f79 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ae90ecb Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

6498b89 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

75eefed Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

05e6dde ksd to lmp-sprout-dev

e60d6e7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

d7877f8 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

47ceae3 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

73db130 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

f370307 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE