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conda install -c conda-forge lightgbm

が、私みたいに普段Pythonのライブラリ入れるときに何も考えずにpip installで入れてる人はちょっと危険かも...

pip で入れる


$ python
Python 3.7.3 (default, Mar 27 2019, 16:54:48) 
[Clang 4.0.1 (tags/RELEASE_401/final)] :: Anaconda, Inc. on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import lightgbm
/Users/hogeuser/.pyenv/versions/anaconda3-5.3.1/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lightgbm/__init__.py:46: UserWarning: Starting from version 2.2.1, the library file in distribution wheels for macOS is built by the Apple Clang (Xcode_8.3.3) compiler.
This means that in case of installing LightGBM from PyPI via the ``pip install lightgbm`` command, you don't need to install the gcc compiler anymore.
Instead of that, you need to install the OpenMP library, which is required for running LightGBM on the system with the Apple Clang compiler.
You can install the OpenMP library by the following command: ``brew install libomp``.
  "You can install the OpenMP library by the following command: ``brew install libomp``.", UserWarning)

メッセージ通りbrew install libompするんですが、なぜかうまくインストールできませんでした。

kaggle公式のdocker imageを使う

この記事通りにdocker imagepullします。

$ docker pull kaggle/python
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from kaggle/python
85b1f47fba49: Pull complete 
603f9c6eacba: Pull complete 
501f1d57b2bc: Pull complete 
6db69dab30a3: Pull complete 
7e0c1f2e5202: Pull complete 
a597896ec52f: Pull complete 
db522ad41f01: Pull complete 
2ce3f519da00: Pull complete 
33cfffa71bfd: Pull complete 
cb696a4f9985: Pull complete 
5ab5d32c1bd8: Pull complete 
d819e5d6cd96: Pull complete 
736f815255b9: Pull complete 
9d968c807e17: Pull complete 
35b8d20d6e5f: Pull complete 
291b7c7237cf: Pull complete 
eab1f4c2dc72: Pull complete 
40352610c86c: Pull complete 
bc5ee550f10b: Pull complete 
7faeb9844b36: Pull complete 
31dae83127fb: Pull complete 
e690ec05ad3d: Pull complete 
7a426790211b: Pull complete 
33f8fbbd0578: Pull complete 
de694f917791: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:d21eb1160babb4fbc5fe674d600ca99f61cf231015b5972d064a630e4f09889a
Status: Downloaded newer image for kaggle/python:latest
$ docker images
kaggle/python                    latest              adf19646ac46        9 months ago        17.6GB

記事通りに.bash_profileとかにjupyter notebook呼び出し用のコマンド用意しておいて、docker経由でjupyter notebookを呼び出します。

$ kaggle_jupyter 
[I 14:02:25.314 NotebookApp] Writing notebook server cookie secret to /root/.local/share/jupyter/runtime/notebook_cookie_secret
[I 14:02:25.608 NotebookApp] JupyterLab extension loaded from /opt/conda/lib/python3.6/site-packages/jupyterlab
[I 14:02:25.608 NotebookApp] JupyterLab application directory is /opt/conda/share/jupyter/lab
[I 14:02:25.617 NotebookApp] Serving notebooks from local directory: /tmp/working
[I 14:02:25.617 NotebookApp] 0 active kernels
[I 14:02:25.617 NotebookApp] The Jupyter Notebook is running at:
[I 14:02:25.618 NotebookApp] http://2f692fff2e21:8888/?token=6fe573e2bcf213276c208af80b53628569144c0fb7b5bdd5
[I 14:02:25.618 NotebookApp] Use Control-C to stop this server and shut down all kernels (twice to skip confirmation).
[C 14:02:25.618 NotebookApp] 

    Copy/paste this URL into your browser when you connect for the first time,
    to login with a token:


Password or token のところにjupyter notebookを起動したときの出力にあるtokenを入力すればOK(今回の場合であれは「6fe573e2bcf213276c208af80b53628569144c0fb7b5bdd5」を入力)

これでjupyter notebook上でlightgbmが変な警告も出ることなく使えるようになります。


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