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odhcp configuration

Supplement to OpenWRT wiki and README as of current master HEAD e63a283.

odhcp configuration file is /etc/config/dhcp in UCI format.

Section odhcp options:

  • maindhcp
    • renamed from legacy option
  • leasefile
  • leasetrigger

Section dhcp options:

  • interface
    • UCI logical name, not netdev name.
  • ifname
    • netdev name.
    • Using this sets "M" flag in Router Advertisement message will be set
  • networkid
  • dynamicdhcp
    • value "no" disables dynamic assignment, and use only static lease setting of host section
  • ignore
  • leasetime
  • start
  • limit
  • master
  • upstream
    • list
  • ra
  • dhcpv4
  • dhcpv6
  • ndp
  • router
    • list
  • dns
    • list
  • domain
    • list
  • filter_class
  • dhcpv6_raw
    • additional DHCPv6 options in HEX format
  • pd_manager
  • pd_cer
  • ra_default
    • explicitly announce default route (ex. off-link)
    • value will be Router Lifetime in Router Advertisement message
  • ra_management
    • defaults to 0
    • value non-0 sets "M" flag in Router Advertisement message.
    • value "1" sets "A" flag in Prefix Information.
  • ra_offlink
    • value non-0 unsets "L" flag in Prefix Information.
  • ra_preference
  • ra_advrouter
    • value non-0 sets "R" flag in Prefix Information (RFC3775 mobile IPv6)
  • ra_maxinterval
  • ndproxy_routing
  • ndproxy_slave

Section host options:

  • ip
  • mac
  • duid
  • hostid
  • leasetime
  • name


If the interface was master, then hybrid means relay or disabled. If there was no slave relay in the other interfaces, then it will be configured to disabled.

If the interface was not master, then hybrid means relay or server. If there was no master, then the interface will be configured to server.

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?