Purescript on Travis CI (as of Sept 2016)

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    Use the Trusty beta build environment.

    language: node_js
    sudo: required
    dist: trusty
    node_js: 6
      - npm install -g bower purescript pulp
      - npm install
      - bower install
      - npm test

    Probably at some point you will run Purescript builds on Travis, and there doesn't seem to be much written on the internet about it. I found that if I didn't set up Travis correctly, I would end up with 10+ min build times.

    But by taking advantage of the Trusty beta Build Environments, you can get fairly fast builds taking only a little over a minute. Just take the config above (swapping out npm test if you need) and add it as .travis.yml and you should be good to go.

    Thanks to Gary Burgess and Christoph Hegemann for helping me look into this.