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Installing PureScript tooling in 2019

In 2019, we have some various easy ways to install PureScript and its tooling.

As a new user, you will only need to install the PureScript compiler and the build tool Spago.



First, please make sure you have

  • Node 10.x or greater

  • npm prefix set to a folder you own

To set the npm prefix, you should either run

$ npm set prefix ~/.npm

Or set the file ~/.npmrc to have prefix=/home/your-user/.npm.

Do not ever run npm with sudo.

Then you can run npm install --global purescript spago to install the PureScript compiler and the Spago build tool.


Clone Easy-PureScript-Nix from

Then install PureScript and Spago to your path by using the derivations, e.g.

$ nix-env -if purs.nix

$ nix-env -if spago.nix


Go to and, and download the appropriate binaries for your platform. Then place these in a directory in your PATH.

Hello World

Create a new directory and run spago init

$ mkdir new-ps-project-2019

$ cd new-ps-project-2019
$ spago init

Then you will have the initial Spago project setup. Then run spago run to see the project in action.

$ spago run

Installation complete.
Build succeeded.

There you have it, a working PureScript project ready for 2019.