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PMBOK 用語の定義

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Project Management Process Group

A logical grouping of project management inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. The project management process groups include initiating processes, planning processes, executing processes, monitoring and controlling processes, and closing processes. Project management process groups are not project phases.

Initiating Processes

Those processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase.

Planning Processes

Those processes performed to establish the total scope of the effort, define and refine the objectives, and develop the course of action required to attain those objectives.

Executing Processes

Those processes performed to complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project objectives.

Monitoring and Controlling Processes

Those processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project, identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required, and initiate the corresponding changes.

Closing Processes

Those processes performed to finalize all activities across all project management process groups to formally close the project or phase.

Project Management Knowledge Area

An identified area of project management defined by its knowledge requirements and described in terms of its component processes, practices, inputs, outputs, tools, and techniques.

Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities needed to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.

Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully.

Project Time Management

Project Time Management includes the processes required to manage the timely completion of a project.

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management includes the processes involved in estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs so that the project can be completed within the approved budget.

Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management includes the processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities so that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.

Project Human Resource Management

Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize and manage the project team.

Project Communications Management

Project Communications Management includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of project information.

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management includes the processes concerned with conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, responses, and monitoring and control on a project.

Project Procurement Management

Project Procurement Management includes the processes to purchase or acquire the products, services, or results needed from outside the project team to perform the work.