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Builder pattern (Design patterns in Scala)

More than 5 years have passed since last update.

abstract class Product

abstract class PizzaBuilder {
var dough: String
var sauce: String
var topping: String

def withDough(dough: String): PizzaBuilder
def withSauce(sauce: String): PizzaBuilder
def withTopping(topping: String): PizzaBuilder

def build: Product

class Pizza(builder: PizzaBuilder) extends Product {
val dough: String = builder.dough
val sauce: String = builder.sauce
val topping: String = builder.topping

override def toString: String = {
"Dough:" + dough + " Topping:" + topping + " Sauce:" + sauce

class Cook extends PizzaBuilder {
var dough: String = ""
var sauce: String = ""
var topping: String = ""

override def withDough(dough: String): PizzaBuilder = {
this.dough = dough

override def withSauce(sauce: String): PizzaBuilder = {
this.sauce = sauce

override def withTopping(topping: String): PizzaBuilder = {
this.topping = topping

override def build: Product = new Pizza(this)

object PizzaBuilderExample {
def main(args: Array[String]) = {
val hawaiianCook = new Cook().withDough("cross").withTopping("ham+pineapple").withSauce("mild")
val hawaiianPizza = hawaiianCook.build
println("Hawaiian Pizza:" + hawaiianPizza)


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