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基本的に記載しているタグはUniversal Dependenciesに記載があるものになります。
本記事の 意味 として掲載している品詞や文法表現は筆者が意味合いを考えて作った造語もありますので、他に正しい表現があればコメントにてご指摘頂けますと幸いです。



Universal POS tags

POS 意味 単語例
ADJ 形容詞 big, old, green, incomprehensible, first, second, third
ADP 設置詞 in, to, during
ADV 副詞 very, well, exactly
AUX 助動詞 has(done), is(doing), will(do), was(done), got(done), should(do), must(do)
CCONJ 接続詞 and, or, but
DET 限定詞 the, a, an, this, that, my, your, a few, a little, one, ten, all, both, another, such, what
INTJ 間投詞 psst, ouch, bravo, hello, well, you know, execuse me
NOUN 名詞 girl, cat, tree, air, beauty
NUM 数詞 0, 1000, 3.14, one, two, seventy-seven, I, II, III, IV, V, MMXIV
PART 助詞 's, not
PRON 代名詞 I, you, he, it, they, myself, yourself, who, what, somebody, anything, everybody, nothing
PROPN 固有名詞 Mary, John, London, NATO, HBO
PUNCT 句読点 .(ピリオド), ,(カンマ), ()(括弧)
SCONJ 連結詞 that, if, while
SYM シンボル $, %, §, ©, +, −, ×, ÷, =, <, >, :-)(顔文字), :joy: (絵文字), kei.0324@example.com, http://example.com/
VERB 動詞 run. eat, runs. ate, runnning, eating
X その他 上記品詞に当てはまらない単語



Dependency Relations

係り受けタグ 意味 例文
acl 名詞の節修飾語 I have a parakeet named cookie .
advcl 副詞節修飾語 He talked to him in order to secure the account .
advmod 副詞修飾語 Where do you want to go later ?
amod 形容詞修飾語 Sam eats red meat .
appos 同格 Sam , my brother , arrived .
aux 助動詞 He should leave .
case 格表示 The office of the Chair .
cc 等位接続詞 Bill is big and honest .
ccomp 補文 He says you like to swim .
clf 類別詞 Take this CLF bus .
compound 複合名詞 A phone book .
conj 結合詞 Bill is big and honest .
cop 連結詞 Ivan is the best dancer .
csubj 主部 What she said is interesting .
dep 不明な依存関係 正確に依存関係を表せない場合に使用する
det 限定詞 The man is here .
discourse 談話要素 Iguazu is in Argentina :)
dislocated 転置 は 鼻 が 長い
expl 嘘辞 It is clear that we should decline .
fixed 固定複数単語表現 He cried because of you .
flat 同格複数単語表現 Mr. Smith
goeswith 1単語分割表現 They come here with - out legal permission .
iobj 関節目的語 She gave me a raise .
list リスト表現 Long Lines , Silly Rules , Rude Staff , Ok Food .
mark 接続詞 He says that you like to swim
nmod 名詞修飾語 The office of the Chair .
nsubj 主語名詞 There is a ghost in the room .
nummod 数詞修飾語 Sam spent forty dollars .
obj 目的語 She gave me a raise .
obl 斜格名詞 Give the toys to the children .
orphan 独立関係 Marie won gold and Peter bronze
parataxis 並列 The guy , John said , left early in the morning .
punct 句読点 We have apples , pears , oranges , and bananas .
reparandum 単語として認識されない単語表現 Go to the righ- to the left .
root 文の根(ROOTは人為的に付加される) ROOT I love French fries .
vocative 発声関係 Guys , take it easy!
xcomp 補体 Sue asked George to respond to her offer .

※ 例文では係り受け元を 太字 、係り受け先を 斜字 にしています。


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