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perltidy - Perlソースコード整形ツール


CPAN Perltidy

How to install.

$ cpanm Perl::Tidy
which perltidyでInstall成功を確認


$HOME/.perltidyrcに以下のように書く(Perl best practicesより)

-l=78   # Max line width is 78 cols
-i=4    # Indent level is 4 cols
-ci=4   # Continuation indent is 4 cols
#-st     # Output to STDOUT
-se     # Errors to STDERR
-vt=2   # Maximal vertical tightness
-cti=0  # No extra indentation for closing brackets
-pt=1   # Medium parenthesis tightness
-bt=1   # Medium brace tightness
-sbt=1  # Medium square brace tightness
-bbt=1  # Medium block brace tightness
-nsfs   # No space before semicolons
-nolq   # Don't outdent long quoted strings
-wbb="% + - * / x != == >= <= =~ !~ < > | & >= < = **= += *= &= <<= &&= -= /= |= >>= ||= .= %= ^= x="
        # Break before all operators

How to use.

$ perltidy target.pl

How to use. (emacs)


(defun perltidy-region ()               ;選択regionをperltidy
   "Run perltidy on the current region."
     (shell-command-on-region (point) (mark) "perltidy -q" nil t)))
(defun perltidy-defun ()                ;開いているソースをperltidy
  "Run perltidy on the current defun."
  (save-excursion (mark-defun)

* リージョン選択後、M-x perltidy-region → 選択範囲を整形
* Perlのソース上で、M-x perltidy-defun → ソース全体を整形(**以降は除外される)

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?