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Rails, Ruby 2.1.0, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Cucumber, PhaontomJS, HipChatの組み合わせでwerckerを使って気軽にCIする



ちなみに、Herokuなどへのdeploymentも自動化できるのですが、そのあたりのContinuous Deploymentまわりの機能は使っていません。



box: fliplingo/ubuntu12.04-ruby2.1.0@0.0.1
# Build definition
# See the Rails section on the wercker devcenter:
# http://devcenter.wercker.com/articles/languages/ruby/rails-heroku.html
# You will want to define your database as follows:
  - wercker/postgresql
# See more about services on our devcenter:
# http://devcenter.wercker.com/articles/services/
    # The steps that will be executed on build
        - script:
            name: set timezone
            code: |
                export TZ="Asia/Tokyo"
        # A step that executes `bundle install` command
        - bundle-install
        # A custom script step, name value is used in the UI
        # and the code value contains the command that get executed
        - script:
            name: echo ruby information
            code: |
                echo "ruby version $(ruby --version) running"
                echo "from location $(which ruby)"
                echo -p "gem list: $(gem list)"
        # Add more steps here:
        # A step that prepares the database.yml using the database in services
        - rails-database-yml
        # Install phantomjs
        - aussiegeek/install-phantomjs@0.0.3
        # Initialize test database
        - script:
            name: set up db
            code: |
                RAILS_ENV='test' bundle exec rake db:create
                RAILS_ENV='test' bundle exec rake db:schema:load
        # Run rspec
        - script:
            name: rspec
            code: bundle exec rspec
        # Run cucumber
        - script:
            name: cucumber
            code: bundle exec cucumber
        # Send a message to a HipChat room
        - wercker/hipchat-notify@1.0.2:
            token: $HIPCHAT_TOKEN
            room-id: 64340


  • 公式のBoxだとRuby 2.0.0なので、Ruby 2.1.0を使うためにコミュニティのBoxを使う。
  • HipChatへの通知はafter-stepsでやらないとfailしたときに通知されない。access tokenをwercker側で環境変数に設定する必要がある
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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?