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$ gem install byebug


$ gem install pry-byebug




(byebug) help

  break      -- Sets breakpoints in the source code
  catch      -- Handles exception catchpoints
  condition  -- Sets conditions on breakpoints
  continue   -- Runs until program ends, hits a breakpoint or reaches aline
  debug      -- Spawns a subdebugger
  delete     -- Deletes breakpoints
  disable    -- Disables breakpoints or displays
  display    -- Evaluates expressions every time the debugger stops
  down       -- Moves to a lower frame in the stack trace
  edit       -- Edits source files
  enable     -- Enables breakpoints or displays
  finish     -- Runs the program until frame returns
  frame      -- Moves to a frame in the call stack
  help       -- Helps you using byebug
  history    -- Shows byebug's history of commands
  info       -- Shows several informations about the program being debugged
  interrupt  -- Interrupts the program
  irb        -- Starts an IRB session
  kill       -- Sends a signal to the current process
  list       -- Lists lines of source code
  method     -- Shows methods of an object, class or module
  next       -- Runs one or more lines of code
  pry        -- Starts a Pry session
  quit       -- Exits byebug
  restart    -- Restarts the debugged program
  save       -- Saves current byebug session to a file
  set        -- Modifies byebug settings
  show       -- Shows byebug settings
  source     -- Restores a previously saved byebug session
  step       -- Steps into blocks or methods one or more times
  thread     -- Commands to manipulate threads
  tracevar   -- Enables tracing of a global variable
  undisplay  -- Stops displaying all or some expressions when program stops
  untracevar -- Stops tracing a global variable
  up         -- Moves to a higher frame in the stack trace
  var        -- Shows variables and its values
  where      -- Displays the backtrace


[1] pry(#<RSpec::ExampleGroups::Products>)> help
  help               Show a list of commands or information about a specific command.

  cd                 Move into a new context (object or scope).
  find-method        Recursively search for a method within a class/module or the current namespace.
  ls                 Show the list of vars and methods in the current scope.
  pry-backtrace      Show the backtrace for the pry session.
  raise-up           Raise an exception out of the current pry instance.
  reset              Reset the repl to a clean state.
  watch              Watch the value of an expression and print a notification whenever it changes.
  whereami           Show code surrounding the current context.
  wtf?               Show the backtrace of the most recent exception.

  /^\s*!\s*$/        Clear the input buffer.
  amend-line         Amend a line of input in multi-line mode.
  edit               Invoke the default editor on a file.
  hist               Show and replay readline history.
  play               Playback a string variable, method, line, or file as input.
  show-input         Show the contents of the input buffer for the current multi-line expression.

  ri                 View ri documentation.
  show-doc           Show the documentation for a method or class.
  stat               View method information and set _file_ and _dir_ locals.

  gem-cd             Change working directory to specified gem's directory.
  gem-install        Install a gem and refresh the gem cache.
  gem-list           List and search installed gems.
  gem-open           Opens the working directory of the gem in your editor.
  gem-readme         Show the readme bundled with a rubygem
  gem-search         Search for a gem with the json api

  import-set         Import a pry command set.
  install-command    Install a disabled command.

  !!!                Alias for `exit-program`
  !!@                Alias for `exit-all`
  $                  Alias for `show-source`
  (?-mix:whereami[!?]+) Alias for `whereami`
  ?                  Alias for `show-doc`
  @                  Alias for `whereami`
  clipit             Alias for `gist --clip`
  file-mode          Alias for `shell-mode`
  find-routes        Alias for `find-route`
  history            Alias for `hist`
  quit               Alias for `exit`
  quit-program       Alias for `exit-program`
  reload-method      Alias for `reload-code`
  show-method        Alias for `show-source`

  backtrace          Display the current stack.
  break              Set or edit a breakpoint.
  continue           Continue program execution and end the pry session.
  down               Move current frame down.
  finish             Execute until current stack frame returns.
  frame              Move to specified frame #.
  next               Execute the next line within the current stack frame.
  step               Step execution into the next line or method.
  up                 Move current frame up.

Input and output
  .<shell command>   All text following a '.' is forwarded to the shell.
  cat                Show code from a file, pry's input buffer, or the last exception.
  change-inspector   Change the current inspector proc.
  change-prompt      Change the current prompt.
  fix-indent         Correct the indentation for contents of the input buffer
  list-inspectors    List the inspector procs available for use.
  list-prompts       List the prompts available for use.
  save-file          Export to a file using content from the repl.
  shell-mode         Toggle shell mode. bring in pwd prompt and file completion.

  gist               Upload code, docs, history to
  pry-version        Show pry version.
  reload-code        Reload the source file that contains the specifiedcode object.
  toggle-color       Toggle syntax highlighting.

Navigating pry
  !pry               Start a pry session on current self.
  disable-pry        Stops all future calls to pry and exits the current session.
  exit               Pop the previous binding.
  exit-program       End the current program.
  jump-to            Jump to a binding further up the stack.
  nesting            Show nesting information.
  switch-to          Start a new subsession on a binding in the currentstack.

  find-route         See which urls match a given controller.
  recognize-path     See which route matches a url.
  show-middleware    Show all middleware (that rails knows about).
  show-model         Show the given model.
  show-models        Show all models.
  show-routes        Show all routes in match order.

  simple-prompt      Toggle the simple prompt.

Pry-byebug (v3.6.0)
  exit-all           End the current pry session.

Pry-doc (v0.13.4)
  show-source        Show the source for a method or class.









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