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Library System: Smart Contract

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pragma solidity ^0.4.25; //version


contract Library {

//This is the structure of the contract
  struct Book {
    string bookTitle;
    bool inTheShelf;
    address user;

//Declaration of two books
  Book book = Book("book1",true,address(0));
  Book book2 = Book("book2",true,address(0));

//This is an array container of the books
  Book[] books;

//calls first
//This is the constructor of the smart contract
  constructor() public {      

//This is the function for borrowBook
  function borrowBook(uint i) public {
    books[i].inTheShelf = false;
    books[i].user = msg.sender;

//This is the function for returnBook
  function returnBook(uint i) public {
    require(books[i].user == msg.sender);
    books[i].intheShelf = true;
    books[i].user = address(0);

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