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More than 3 years have passed since last update.

今の5 面白いDapps

こんにちは、JP です。For this article, I will be listing 5 Dapps that caught my interest. Let's get into it!


Open Source – its code is available to all.
Decentralized – it use blockchain technology.
Incentive – it has tokens/digital assets to boost itself.
Algorithm/Protocol – it generates tokens with an built-in consensus algorithm.

1. Job Postings

Ethlance is a decentralized marketplace for job postings and hiring freelancers hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It charges no registration fee or contractual work commission. The platform runs with 0% service fee and never takes a cut from transactions between stakeholders such as freelancers and employers.

2. Micro-blogging

Eth-Tweet is a decentralised microblogging service running on the Ethereum which functions like twitter.


There is no central database that holds the posts, and once posted, the publisher is the only one who can remove it. The more a user provides content the more he is rewarded.

3. Artist Empowerment

Ampliative Art aims for individuals to be rewarded through "alternative means" with their contributions in the Art community.


Artists can create their own galleries and put up their works for free. Both users and artists can be rewarded through a "reputation" based exchange where there are tips and donations, comments and reviews, share or exchange proposals. The more one contributes to the community, the more he is likely to be rewarded.

4. Business Development

4G Capital gives credit for small business in Africa.


Using digital currency, Donors can fund small businesses in Kenya. The money lent would be converted and paid out to the businesses. It empowers individuals, businesses and markets by supporting them in Africa from the grass roots level.

5. Crowdfunding

WeiFund uses Web 3.0-enabled technology to provide a crowdfunding solution on Ethereum.


It aims to provide open-source crowdfunding utilities that everyone can access. Users will first open WeiFund in a Web 3.0 enabled browser and then contribute to campaigns. It uses smart contracts so that donations can be converted to agreements in the blockchain.


We learned that DApp is an open-source software platform implemented on decentralized blockchains and are fueled using tokens which are generated using a protocol/algorithm. All these caught my interest because it introduce to us a new world of possibilities where one can capitalize his own data, his own asset in a fully secure environment, letting people have a say in the decision making process. The skills needed to build these are being able to grasp the concept of Dapp and blockchain fully and how it applies in the real world.



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