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HTML5 Conference 2016 Notes (part2)

Growth Hack by Kubota-san

Most people use Google Analytics, but couldn't reach to analysis.
1. Impact First
Improve from big area
2. Target Indication
CVR: more than 1%
Direct return rate: less than 40%
Lead to Sales conversion rate: more than 10%
3. Marketing Target
Let's do Persona design

Growth Hack

Focus on Bright Spot is important
- Charpentier effect
Equivalent Lemon x 100
- Cocktail party effect
 Everyone can hear own name
- Halo effect
No. 1
- Caligula effect
We cannot sell
- Reframing
- Zeigarnik effect
Peope wants to know if it isn't completed.
Find more on the web
- Affordance effect
- Comparison
- Number
- Picture
- Magic number
Twitter found out the active ration increase when the user follow 7 other users initially.
- Puma
Pele ties shoes when the play starts
- Mailbox
User can't use at first.
Waiting some people
- Uber
Free service on Boston
- Wantedly
Apply -> Go to talk with
- Yodobashi Camera
encourages Show rooming
- advertisement pillar
Pocky. Get LINE stamp
- Embassadar
- Google Analytics Completion Guide
- How to do growth hack []
- HTML5j web marketing group


  • Is it OK to set age as 25~27? Persona is only one person. It should be 27. Assume the nearest station, distance by foot
  • What is the best confirmation cycle? We don't use time span. Instead, we use numbers. 500 test means 0.2% if noone comes.
  • Inflow and quantity At first, we adjust form input ratio