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gnuplot / x-y1-y2の2軸散布図(plot)




do_gnuplot() {
     local     FNAME="$1"

gnuplot << _EOT_
  set terminal aqua
  set title      "Age v.s Height & Weight"
  set xlabel     "age"
  set ylabel     "height"
  set y2label    "wheight"

#  set autoscale

#  1    2  3   4       5    6    7    8   9    10  11  12       13  14
# date,FY,age,検診場所,age2,身長,体重,体脂肪率,総コレ,LDL,HDL,中性脂肪,γGTP,
  set xrange[20:50]    ; set xtics  1
  set yrange[151:176]  ; set ytics  2
  set y2range[60:110]  ; set y2tics 10
  set grid
  plot "$FNAME" using 5:6 with linespoints axes x1y1 , \
       "$FNAME" using 5:7 with points      axes x1y2

  do_gnuplot $1
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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?