Top Web Application Development Trends in 2017

More than 1 year has passed since last update.


There have been a lot of developments in the Internet World since its inception. The main reason is behind people have become more dependent on Internet. People prefer online shopping, reading news online, searching for good recipes and many more things. But to attract people and to pace up with the changing trends web developers have a difficult challenge. This challenge can easily be accomplished by using some of the top WordPress themes which are backed up with great optimization, scalability, robustness and responsiveness. Let’s look at some of the top and latest web application developments trends of 2017.

1. Typography

A lot of focus has been shifted towards website typography with the help of evolution of web fonts. Web designers can now give the desired look and feel to the website so as to enhance the UX as well as UI. This means using less images and more content. Thus, it not only enhances the loading speed of the website but offers great SEO too.

2. Cloud Computing

For the companies and organizations which faced the problem of huge databases and have to buy expensive machines especially for the storage, now with cloud computing feel the work easy. Now no need of extra hardware just you can buy space from the cloud and store it there and retrieve the data in a much more faster and improved way. Companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM have their own cloud hosting services.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The one thing which is sure to rule the future is the machines equipped with machine learning. More and more focus is to provide speech driven and AI based applications. AI and machine learning are the hot and trending topics today. Much more focus has been shifted to machine learning such making it think & work just like we do it. From placing a Pizza order, satellite launch, listening songs, light on/off can be done by just a voice command to the machine. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Virtual Reality

VR has changed the concept of gaming altogether. Oculus Rift and Vive unleash some interesting opportunities in the gaming environment. Now software giants such as Mozilla and Google have started working to give web the desired VR impact.

5. IoT (internet of Things)

Another hot and trending technology is “IoT” i.e. Internet of Things. IoT enables the not network enabled things such as sandwich maker, Washing Machine, Television etc get attached to the network. Some sensors are placed in that electronic/electrical device and that things starts working just like they are on network and can be operated by giving them desired signals.

6. Angular 2 JS

Angular 2 JavaScript is a cross platform driven language. It offers great speed and high performance as compared to the normal JS by code splitting, modular approach and universal nature. Easy compilation and error detection mechanisms.

7. Trendy web layouts

Gone are the days when people used to love those flashy animations and fluorescent colors & gifs. Now people prefer more of white space. The websites have become more user friendly and content engaging. There are several effects such as minimalism, reign of Hero Image, App like menus, parallax effects etc which are liked by the users and visitors.

8. Responsive Layouts

In today’s scenario traffic from the mobile devices cannot be ignored. WordPress has come up with some amazing top WordPress themes which ensure great navigation and responsiveness. Responsive layout ensures that website turns up good to view irrespective of the screen size.

These are some of the web developments currently trending in 2017. If I have missed out anything, please feel free to add it by motioning it in the comment section below.