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【#PowerApps】Power Apps の Microsoft Ignite 2019 セッションまとめ


Microsoft Ignite 2019 の Power Apps に関するセッションまとめです。
近いうちに Microsoft Ignite The Tour Tokyo もまとめます。

Microsoft Ignite 2019

Vision Keynote

Speakers Satya Nadella


Increasing profitability in field service via Microsoft Power Apps

Speakers Shawn Tabor - Hitachi Solutions

The master class on building performance apps with Power Apps

Speakers Taiki Yoshida - Microsoft

The Power Apps Data Table Control: Why, how, what's new

Speakers Wes Preston - TrecStone

Microsoft Power Apps makeover: Basic to beautiful

SpeakersApril Dunnam - ThriveFast

Top three tips for beautiful Power Apps

Speakers April Dunnam - ThriveFast

Professional Power Apps development patterns: Error handling, logging, and telemetry

Speakers Todd Baginski - Canviz

Teams + Power Apps: Three ways you can deeply customize Teams with low-code

Speakers Matthew Bolanos - Microsoft


Not your father’s business app: The top five innovations in model-driven Power Apps that will impress users

Speakers Mark Spilde - Microsoft


Security modelling in the Common Data Service

Speakers Marco Amoedo Martinez - KPMG

Improve your Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service data quality with Microsoft Flow

Speakers Joel Lindstrom - Hitachi Solutions

Building and troubleshooting custom logic in Common Data Service

Speakers Shan McArthur - Microsoft; Jim Daly - Microsoft

Common Data Service data modelling tips and tricks

Speakers Marco Amoedo Martinez - KPMG

Connecting Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and the Common Data Service with data

Speakers Ryan Jones - Microsoft

Power Apps portals

Introducing Power Apps portals for external users

Speakers Dileep Singh - Microsoft; Sandeep Dhanrajani - Microsoft

AI Builder

Learn how to create AI Builder models and use them across the Microsoft Power Platform

Speakers Christine Jefson - Microsoft; Joshua Rennert - Microsoft

Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals

Speakers Jonathan Hart - Microsoft


Using Power Apps component framework to build reusable custom user experiences

Speakers Hemant Gaur - Microsoft; Russell Robinson - Chevron


Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and Power Apps: Connecting to data using the on-premises data gateway

Speakers Arthi Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer - Microsoft


Power Platform management: Tips and tools to start your rollout

Speakers James Stento - Microsoft

Managing and supporting Power Apps and Microsoft Flow at scale

Speakers James Oleinik - Microsoft; Jonathan Lopez - Schlumberger

Compliance, privacy, and securing your data in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Speakers Radhika Janardanan - Microsoft

Planning and managing licensing and capacity for Power Apps and Microsoft Flow

Speakers Evan Chaki - Microsoft; James Oleinik - Microsoft

Embracing citizen developer adoption in a customer engagement world using Microsoft Power Platform

Speakers Gregg Barker - Microsoft; Correna Sergent - Microsoft

Unleashing your organization’s creativity and innovation with a deep dive into the Microsoft Power Platform

Speakers James Phillips; Ayman Taha - TruGreen


Building end-to-end blockchain solutions with Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Azure Blockchain Service

Speakers Jason Anderson - Microsoft

Technology and activism: Donation traceability using Azure Blockchain Services

SpeakersPaul Swider - RealActivity, LLC

Top ten tips to securely rolling out Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow to your organization

Speakers Girish Nedungadi - Microsoft

Learn how to navigate and leverage Microsoft AppSource to extend the Microsoft Power Platform

Speakers Ryan Storgaard - Microsoft

Energize mission critical enterprise business processes with Microsoft Flow: Patterns, tips and tricks

Speakers serge luca - Doctor Flow

Unlock the power of data driven diagramming with Microsoft Excel and Visio

Speakers Prateek Sharma - Microsoft; Shashank Gandhi - Microsoft; John Hanna
- Microsoft Finance

Empower everyone in your organization to drive digital transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform

Speakers Arun Ulagaratchagan - Microsoft; Charles Lamanna - Microsoft; Pradeep Chanda - Lowes Inc

STILL not using Power Apps with SharePoint? An overview of why you should

Speakers Wes Preston - TrecStone

The Power Platform for SharePoint People

Speakers Ed Hild - Microsoft

Azure DevOps for Power Platform ISVs: Automate ISV solution deployments and release regular upgrades and patches to all customers concurrently

Speakers Mohamed Mostafa - Microsoft MVP - TechLabs London

Democratizing self-service data preparation within Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps and Flow using Dataflows

Speakers Miguel Llopis - Microsoft

Power Apps top 10: Major new capabilities that are shaping the future of low code

Speakers Ryan Cunningham - Microsoft; Russell Robinson - Chevron; Clay Wesener - Microsoft

Tried and tested techniques for establishing a Power Apps Center of Excellence

Speakers Ladd Laird - Schlumberger; Manuela Pichler - Microsoft

Enabling everyone to digitize apps and processes with Power Apps and the Power Platform

Speakers Clay Wesener - Microsoft

Optimize your apps with quality tools for Power Apps

Speakers Evan Chaki - Microsoft; Aengus Heaney - Microsoft; Greg Lindhorst - Microsoft PowerApps

Modernizing InfoPath forms with Power Apps

Speakers Emma Cooper - Microsoft; Chakkaradeep Chandran - OneDrive & SharePoint

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