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Windows10 で Vagrant が起動しない場合の対処方法

More than 3 years have passed since last update.


  • Windows 10

  • Cygwin

  • VirtualBox 5.1.6

Vagrant のバージョン確認

$ vagrant -v

Vagrant 1.8.1

VirtualBox のバージョン確認

  • VirtualBox 起動

  • ファイル→アップデートを確認(H)...

vagrant を起動

$ vagrant up

==> Provider 'virtualbox' not found. We'll automatically install it now...
The installation process will start below. Human interaction may be
required at some points. If you're uncomfortable with automatically
installing this provider, you can safely Ctrl-C this process and install
it manually.
==> Downloading VirtualBox 5.0.10...
This may not be the latest version of VirtualBox, but it is a version
that is known to work well. Over time, we'll update the version that
is installed.

==> Installing VirtualBox. This will take a few minutes...
A couple pop-ups will occur during this installation process to
ask for admin privileges as well as to install Oracle drivers.
Please say yes to both. If you're uncomfortable with this, please
install VirtualBox manually.
==> VirtualBox has successfully been installed!
No usable default provider could be found for your system.

Vagrant relies on interactions with 3rd party systems, known as
"providers", to provide Vagrant with resources to run development
environments. Examples are VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V.

The easiest solution to this message is to install VirtualBox, which
is available for free on all major platforms.

If you believe you already have a provider available, make sure it
is properly installed and configured. You can see more details about
why a particular provider isn't working by forcing usage with
`vagrant up --provider=PROVIDER`, which should give you a more specific
error message for that particular provider.


  • Vagrant が VirtualBox に対応していない可能性

The VirtualBox provider is compatible with VirtualBox versions 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 5.0.x, and 5.1.x. Other versions are unsupported and the provider will display an error message. Please note that beta and pre-release versions of VirtualBox are not supported and may not be well-behaved.


現在もメンテナンスリリースが続いている 5.0.x 及び 5.1.x の一部未対応

■ Github の Issues にも報告あり

Github (mitchellh/vagrant) - Windows 10, Vagrant 1.8.1, Virtualbox 5.0.12 fails on vagrant up on all boxes #6733


  • VirtualBox のバージョンを 5.0.10 にロールバックする。


Windows 10, Vagrant 1.8.1, Virtualbox 5.0.12 fails on vagrant up on all boxes #6733


  • プロパティを変更する。

  1. コントロール パネル > ネットワークとインターネット > ネットワーク接続

  2. VirtualBoxHost-Only Network > プロパティ

  3. VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking driver をチェック > OK