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IoE vs. IoT vs. M2M: Story Behind The Evolution and What's the Difference?

If we talk about Internet of Everything then it would communicate with the physical objects whereas Internet of Things would bring the network intelligence to bind the entire concept into the system. IoE and IoT requires a new age of instructional innovation which is beyond the conventional tools. They explore personal technology and follow their functionality. Both IoT and IoE are very similar and generate the similar definition but the way they are organised, broken down, solved and gives improved version are very different from one another.

IoE – The Internet of everything


IoE is builds on the foundation of the IoT which adds the network intelligence very firmly. It helps in connecting all the separate concepts into one cohesive whole. IoE is recognised as the end to end eco system that includes technologies, process and concepts across all the connectivity use cases. It is a smarter way of executing the improved version of IoT. It brings lots of challenges compared to Internet of Things. IoE encompasses widely to the connectivity technology and their elements would include all sorts of connections such as follows:

  • People are connected across the end nodes across the internet and share their regular activities over here.

  • The things like devices, sensors and other items generate data and receive information from other sources.

  • Raw data are analysed and processed into the useful information with controlling mechanisms.

IoT- Internet of Things


IoT connects the physical entity with some of the other entities via multiple points. It establish the connecting between the several technologies that includes cellular, wired, wireless short distance, satellite and many more.

IoT is considered as the subsystem of IoE. IoE is a final and last stage of IoT who generates the values of collected data. It has the biggest concept and encompasses on both consumer and industrial markets with overlapping the areas of IoT. IoT is a network which is used in transmitting the data and receiving them. They are most often used as consumer electronics market as they are very well-organised in an intuitive and useful way.

Without any clear purpose IoT can able to manage and design the services to reach the first place. Which makes it easier to develop a cost effective tends to more inexpensive and leads to wider applicable areas. IoT mainly focus on the all telco networks and are not centred to catch them. It connects the devices and applications of all devices, data, servers, and many more personal devices.

There are four main scenarios for the IoT connectivity that you should be taking care of as a network operator.

  • For the app owner devices it consist of large distribution channel

  • Large degree of security is provided for the activation

  • The communication part of the solution is completing locked down

  • It will also give some of the marketing benefits towards the network operator.

M2M – Machine to Machine


Initially M2M represent the closed and point to point communication channel between the physical first objects. M2M is a subset of IoT. M2M is a technology which enables the data transmission across the networks of the system. It is refer as the technology that works between machines without any human intervention.

M2M is a core of the IoT which uses sensors go over threshold and triggers the action. It requires the integrated technology stack whenever anything connects using the same system. M2M is a line which connects two points and triggers the activity.

M2M is a typically employs a closed cloud based architecture which uses cellular operators worldwide. It works on a latest IP technology where you can transfer the SMS by GSM modem and connect it with internet using different options.

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