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Memo: Azure ネットワークとSmart NIC(FPGA )の利用方法

More than 3 years have passed since last update.

Memo from "Microsoft's Production Configurable Cloud".
By Mark Russinovich, CTO MS Azure.


How much trials were required to bring FPGA usable in production?

  • Two generations were not usable for production. (v0, v1)
  • 3rd generation, Catapult V2, was used in production.
    • Catapult V2 : All traffic go through FPGA. (40Gbps QSFP)
    • Slide 21: catapult-v2.PNG

Use cases which might be able to apply in private cloud

Accelerated Networking: bypass virtual switch by offloading to Intelligent NIC.

  • So called "VFP: Virtual Filtering Platform"
  • Flow based policy (match / action) (ex: sending to )
  • Encryption
  • Load Balancing (IP NAT, MAC re-write)
  • Filtering, ACL
  • Tenant VM plumbing (VNet Policy Routing)
  • Tunnel termination (encap/decap)
  • Slide 17: vfp-flowtables.PNG

Reduce CPU to CPU (=~VM to VM) latency under 20us for 12 hops!!

  • Using LTL: Lightweight Transport Layer.
  • But could be considered as an approach to reduce latency. (i.e. offload TCP to Intelligent NIC)
  • Slide 33: latency-over-ltl.PNG
Interested in Virtualization, IP networking and performance tuning. But most of the time drinking wine or Belgian beer.
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