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More than 3 years have passed since last update.

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Is Eclipse IDE dying?

In 2014 the Eclipse IDE is the leading development environment for Java with a market share of approximately 65%. but according to a recent survey Eclipse IDE market share has dropped in 2017- 2018 to 40.5% from 65% in 2014.

IntelliJ vs Eclipse

Currently, The Eclipse open source community is growing much bigger. it consists of more than 150 projects covering different aspects of software development.

Users are switching to IntelliJ

In 2012 the IntelliJ IDEA market share was approximately 28%. but according to a recent survey IntelliJ market share has increased in 2017 to 45% from 28% in 2012.

IntelliJ-Java-IDE-market-landscape (1).jpg
Huge difference in the market share of Eclipse IDE & IntelliJ IDEA in 2012

Eclipse vs IntelliJ Market share in 2017

market-share (1).png

At the present, IntelliJ is growing much faster compared to eclipse.

Java is one of the most preferred programming languages and these IDEs (IntelliJ & Eclipse ) are the best names when it comes to choosing the right platform, tools, libraries, plug-ins, and extensions for developing fully-functional Java apps for web and mobile. The final choice is ultimately yours, as each of these IDEs has their own advantages and unique features. If you are looking for a free, feature-rich and easy to use IDE, you should go with Eclipse as a free and official Java IDE else you can go with IntelliJ IDEA (choose the Best), both Eclipse and IntelliJ are strong choices for developers expecting enterprise level applications and a vast ecosystem. In the year 2018 IntelliJ looks more superior to Eclipse in terms of popularity.

we have published a full article comparing 5 best java Ide You can read it by clicking here

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