bmson support landed on Bemuse

More than 3 years have passed since last update.

About Bemuse

Bemuse is a web based online rhythm game. Natively, it plays notecharts (譜面) in BMS format. In v1.0.0-beta.19, it adds experimental support for #bmson format.

Twitter: @bemusegame

About bmson

#bmson is a new notechart format, which aims to help authors create notechart easily. It has many advantages:

  • Sounds will be automatically sliced by the player. Authors don’t have to slice their sound files anymore. This reduces the number of sound files in a package, allowing for more efficient song loading.
  • It also allows different kind of slices for different difficulty.
  • Unlimited number of keysounds (when needed).
  • For developers, it is easy to parse, because it is a standard JSON format.
  • Extensible. Custom metadata can be added to JSON.

bmson support in Bemuse

  • Support bmson v0.21
  • BGA not supported (because Bemuse doesn't support BGA)

How to try

  • Use Google Chrome or Opera
  • Go to and Enter Game
  • Select BMS Mode
  • At the bottom left, click Play Custom BMS
  • Drag a folder with .bmson and KEY音 files such as .ogg into the box. See example.
  • Select a difficulty and play! :dancer:

Sample bmson songs

Go here → Sample bmson songs