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POSIX sh互換性メモ

『[改訂第3版]シェルスクリプト基本リファレンス ──#!/bin/shで、ここまでできる』[1]はFreeBSD, Solaris, BusyBoxのshとbashでの各種機能の対応状況を説明しているけれど、ところでPOSIX的にはどうなんだっけというのが気になったので調べてみた。

[1]でFreeBSD, Solaris, BusyBoxのshでサポート状況が食い違う機能について、POSIXに含まれるものを☑︎、POSIXで陽にunspecifiedとされているものを*、POSIXに含まれないものを☐とし、可能であればそれぞれPOSIX、bashまたは該当シェルのマニュアルへのリンクを掲げた。


☑︎ ! cmd1 | cmd2


2.9.2 Pipelines

☑︎ case arg in (pat) ...;; esac


Case Conditional Construct



If the selected list is terminated by the control operator `;&' instead of `;;', execution continues with the next list, continuing until a list terminated with `;;' or the end of the case command.

SH(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual

Using ‘;&’ in place of ‘;;’ causes execution to continue with the command-list associated with the next clause, if any.

Conditional Constructs (Bash Reference Manual)

* [[]]


The following words may be recognized as reserved words on some implementations (when none of the characters are quoted), causing unspecified results:

2.4 Reserved Words

Bash Conditional Expressions (Bash Reference Manual)


Redirections (Bash Reference Manual)


. での引数指定

. に追加の引数を指定することで、読まれる側のファイルの位置パラメータを設定できるかどうか。

dot - execute commands in the current environment

Bourne Shell Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)


Bash Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)

☑︎ cd -P

cd - change the working directory


☑︎ export var=val, export -p

export - set the export attribute for variables


Bourne Shell Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)


☑︎ -r

read - read from standard input into shell variables

-p, -t, -n, -s

Bash Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)

☑︎ readonly var=val, readonly -p

readonly - set the readonly attribute for variables

☑︎ . されたファイル内での return

return - return from a function or dot script


☑︎ -h, -o, -C

set - set or unset options and positional parameters

-k, -p, -t, -P

The Set Builtin (Bash Reference Manual)

☑︎ umask -S, chmod形式でのumask指定

umask - get or set the file mode creation mask

☑︎ unset -v, unset -f

unset - unset values and attributes of variables and functions

echo -n, echo -e

echo - write arguments to standard output

Bash Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)


☑︎ -e, -S

test - evaluate expression

-O, -G, -nt, -ot, -ef, ==, <, >

Bourne Shell Builtins (Bash Reference Manual)

☑︎ command

command - execute a simple command

* builtin, let, local, bind, history, suspend

If the command name matches the name of a utility listed in the following table, the results are unspecified.

Command Search and Execution

☑︎ alias

alias - define or display aliases

☑︎ fc

fc - process the command history list

☑︎ unalias

unalias - remove alias definitions


☑︎ ${10} etc.

When a positional parameter with more than one digit is specified, the application shall enclose the digits in braces (see Parameter Expansion).

2.5.1 Positional Parameters


Bash Variables (Bash Reference Manual)

☑︎ ${#var}

2.6.2 Parameter Expansion

☑︎ ${var#pat}, ${var##pat}

2.6.2 Parameter Expansion

☑︎ ${var%pat}, ${var%%pat}

2.6.2 Parameter Expansion

${var:offset}, ${var:offset:len}

Shell Parameter Expansion (Bash Reference Manual)

${var/pat/sub}, ${var//pat/sub}

Shell Parameter Expansion (Bash Reference Manual)


☑︎ $()

2.6.3 Command Substitution

☑︎ $(())

2.6.4 Arithmetic Expansion

☑︎ ~

2.6.1 Tilde Expansion


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