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Inno Setup 6 beta が出てたよ

Inno Setup 6 のベータ版がでていました。

  • Improved support for administrative vs. non administrative install mode.

  • Overridable install mode by the end user at runtime (example if PrivilegesRequired is set to admin.)

  • Improved support for side-by-side installations without the odd side effects you would get in previous versions.

  • Optional support for a resizable wizard window.

  • New optional modern wizard style (example.)

  • Other changes for a more modern look to Setup, Uninstall, and the Compiler IDE.

  • New light and dark themes, new toolbar icons and new per-monitor DPI awareness mode for the Compiler IDE (light theme example, dark theme example.)

  • Event attributes, making it possible to have multiple implementations of the same event function in your script.

  • Support for 64-bit mode on Windows 10 on ARM.

  • Task dialog support for the [Code] section.

  • Many more improvements and new features.

Modern wizard style




Compiler IDE.

Inno Setupに付属するIDEもモダンなスタイルになったようです。



UTF-8 encoded .isl



  • The compiler now supports UTF-8 encoded .isl files without requiring a special extension. Translators should still always set LanguageCodePage when possible.