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Android Flavor wrapper object

When using multiple flavors in a single Android project, a wrapper such as below is a useful utility when checking the current flavor (e.g. when assigning different features to different flavor).

It is not recommended to check the BuildConfig.Flavor string manually outside of this wrapper, due to potential errors in the string equality. Instead, we only need to ensure the "Name" enum in this wrapper is correct, to ensure correctness throughout the project.

The example here assumes two flavors in the build.gradle: "euro" and "japan"

object Flavor {

    // NOTE: must match flavor/dimension names given in build.gradle
    enum class Name {

    val current: Name 
    get() {
        Name.values().firstOrNull { it.name.equals(BuildConfig.FLAVOR) }?.let{ name->
            return name
        } ?: run {
            throw Exception("Unknown flavor: " + BuildConfig.FLAVOR)

    val isEuro: Boolean = current.equals(Name.euro)
    val isAsia: Boolean = current.equals(Name.asia)
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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?