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帯域制限モジュール mod_qos

More than 1 year has passed since last update.


QoS (Quality of Service) の制御を可能とするモジュール。

Slowloris 攻撃の対策に Lynis にサジェストされる。


yum install epel-release && yum update

yum install mod_qos


cat << "_EOF_" >> /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/10-mod_qos.conf

QS_ErrorPage /error-docs/qs_error.html

# restricts max concurrent requests for any location which has no
# individual rule:
QS_LocRequestLimitDefault 200

# limits access to *.gif files to 100 concurrent requests:
QS_LocRequestLimitMatch "^.*\.gif$" 100

# limits concurrent requests to the locations /images and /app/a:
QS_LocRequestLimit /images 100
QS_LocRequestLimit /app/a 300
# limits download bandwidth to 5Mbit/sec:
QS_LocKBytesPerSecLimit /app/a 640

# two locations (/app/b and /app/c) representing a single application:
QS_LocRequestLimitMatch "^(/app/b/|/app/c/).*$" 300

# allows the application to nominate VIP users by sending a
# "mod-qos-vip" HTTP response header:
QS_VipHeaderName mod-qos-vip
QS_SessionKey na&5san-sB.F4_0a=%D200ahLK1

<Location /qos>
SetHandler qos-viewer
<Location /qos/console>
SetHandler qos-console


/usr/bin 配下に以下のコマンドがインストールされる。

  • qscheck

    • Monitor programm testing the TCP connectivity to servers.

  • qsfilter2

    • access/audit ログから QS_Permit* ディレクティブとルールパターンを作成するルールジェネレーター

  • qsgeo

    • Adds the country code for the client IP address within a log file.

  • qsgrep

    • Searches a file for a pattern and prints the data in a new format.

  • qshead

    • an utility reading from stdin and printing all lines to stdout until reaching the defined pattern.

  • qslogger

    • Shell command interface to the syslog(3) system log module.

  • qspng

    • Creates graphics (png images) from the output of qslog.

  • qssign

    • A log data integrity check tool. It reads log data from stdin (pipe) and writes the signed data to stdout adding a sequence number and signatur to ever log line.

    • qssign.rb is a Logstash filter plugin which may be used to verify the signatures of log messages in real time.

  • qstail

    • Shows the end of a log file beginning at a defined pattern.