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svn 自分用コマンドメモ



  • SVN導入手順 概要 MacPorts導入→Xcode導入→Xcodeコマンドラインツール導入 →ターミナルからsudo port install subversion
svn --version

svnadmin create  PATH...

svnadmin create /Users/(userName)/Desktop/svnRepo 

//作業領域の作成(チェックアウト)(chekout →coでも可)</br>
svn checkout URL[@REV]... [PATH]

 svn co file:///Users/(userName)/Desktop/svnRepo work

svn add PATH...

svn add sample.txt 

svn delete PATH...

svn delete sample.txt 

svn revert PATH...

svn revert sample.txt 


svn commit 

svn commit -m "サンプルボタン追加しました" 

svn log

svn log sample.txt

svn update 

svn update 

svn update PATH...

svn status

svn cleanup PATH…

  • 備考

  • 作業領域、リポジトリの削除
    svn delete PATH...
    svn delete URL...

  • ロック
    svn lock TARGET...

  • 差分チェック
    svn diff

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?