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Rails5 でbundle installをするときにバージョンコンフリクトでつまったメモ

Rails tutorialも標準でRails 5に対応しましたね。

今回bundle installをする時バージョンコンフリクトで詰まったので自分用のメモ


$ sudo gem install rails -v
Successfully installed rails-
Parsing documentation for rails-
Done installing documentation for rails after 0 seconds
1 gem installed


$ rails _5.0.0.1_ new hello_odenn
      create  README.md
      create  Rakefile
      create  config.ru
      create  .gitignore
      create  Gemfile
      create  app
      create  app/assets/config/manifest.js
      create  app/assets/javascripts/application.js
      create  app/assets/javascripts/cable.js
      create  app/assets/stylesheets/application.css
      create  app/channels/application_cable/channel.rb
      create  app/channels/application_cable/connection.rb
      create  app/controllers/application_controller.rb
      create  app/helpers/application_helper.rb
      create  app/jobs/application_job.rb
      create  app/mailers/application_mailer.rb
      create  app/models/application_record.rb
      create  app/views/layouts/application.html.erb
      create  app/views/layouts/mailer.html.erb
      create  app/views/layouts/mailer.text.erb
      create  app/assets/images/.keep
      create  app/assets/javascripts/channels
      create  app/assets/javascripts/channels/.keep
      create  app/controllers/concerns/.keep
      create  app/models/concerns/.keep
      create  bin
      create  bin/bundle
      create  bin/rails
      create  bin/rake
      create  bin/setup
      create  bin/update
      create  config
      create  config/routes.rb
      create  config/application.rb
      create  config/environment.rb
      create  config/secrets.yml
      create  config/cable.yml
      create  config/puma.rb
      create  config/spring.rb
      create  config/environments
      create  config/environments/development.rb
      create  config/environments/production.rb
      create  config/environments/test.rb
      create  config/initializers
      create  config/initializers/application_controller_renderer.rb
      create  config/initializers/assets.rb
      create  config/initializers/backtrace_silencers.rb
      create  config/initializers/cookies_serializer.rb
      create  config/initializers/cors.rb
      create  config/initializers/filter_parameter_logging.rb
      create  config/initializers/inflections.rb
      create  config/initializers/mime_types.rb
      create  config/initializers/new_framework_defaults.rb
      create  config/initializers/session_store.rb
      create  config/initializers/wrap_parameters.rb
      create  config/locales
      create  config/locales/en.yml
      create  config/boot.rb
      create  config/database.yml
      create  db
      create  db/seeds.rb
      create  lib
      create  lib/tasks
      create  lib/tasks/.keep
      create  lib/assets
      create  lib/assets/.keep
      create  log
      create  log/.keep
      create  public
      create  public/404.html
      create  public/422.html
      create  public/500.html
      create  public/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png
      create  public/apple-touch-icon.png
      create  public/favicon.ico
      create  public/robots.txt
      create  test/fixtures
      create  test/fixtures/.keep
      create  test/fixtures/files
      create  test/fixtures/files/.keep
      create  test/controllers
      create  test/controllers/.keep
      create  test/mailers
      create  test/mailers/.keep
      create  test/models
      create  test/models/.keep
      create  test/helpers
      create  test/helpers/.keep
      create  test/integration
      create  test/integration/.keep
      create  test/test_helper.rb
      create  tmp
      create  tmp/.keep
      create  tmp/cache
      create  tmp/cache/assets
      create  vendor/assets/javascripts
      create  vendor/assets/javascripts/.keep
      create  vendor/assets/stylesheets
      create  vendor/assets/stylesheets/.keep
      remove  config/initializers/cors.rb
         run  bundle install
         run  bundle exec spring binstub --all
* bin/rake: spring inserted
* bin/rails: spring inserted


source 'https://rubygems.org'

gem 'rails',        ''
gem 'puma',         '3.4.0'
gem 'sass-rails',   '5.0.6'
gem 'uglifier',     '3.0.0'
gem 'coffee-rails', '4.2.1'
gem 'jquery-rails', '4.1.1'
gem 'turbolinks',   '5.0.1'
gem 'jbuilder',     '2.4.1'

group :development, :test do
  gem 'sqlite3', '1.3.11'
  gem 'byebug',  '9.0.0', platform: :mri

group :development do
  gem 'web-console',           '3.1.1'
  gem 'listen',                '3.0.8'
  gem 'spring',                '1.7.2'
  gem 'spring-watcher-listen', '2.0.0'

group :production do
  gem 'pg', '0.18.4'

# Windows does not include zoneinfo files, so bundle the tzinfo-data gem
gem 'tzinfo-data', platforms: [:mingw, :mswin, :x64_mingw, :jruby]


$ bundle install


Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/..........
Fetching version metadata from https://rubygems.org/..
Fetching dependency metadata from https://rubygems.org/.
Resolving dependencies...
Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "activesupport":
  In snapshot (Gemfile.lock):
    activesupport (= 5.0.1)

  In Gemfile:
    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      activejob (= was resolved to, which depends on
        globalid (>= 0.3.6) was resolved to 0.3.7, which depends on
          activesupport (>= 4.1.0)

    jbuilder (= 2.4.1) was resolved to 2.4.1, which depends on
      activesupport (< 5.1, >= 3.0.0)

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      activesupport (=

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      activesupport (=

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      activesupport (=

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      activesupport (=

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      actionmailer (= was resolved to, which depends on
        rails-dom-testing (~> 2.0) was resolved to 2.0.2, which depends on
          activesupport (< 6.0, >= 4.2.0)

    rails (= was resolved to, which depends on
      sprockets-rails (>= 2.0.0) was resolved to 3.2.0, which depends on
        activesupport (>= 4.0)

Running `bundle update` will rebuild your snapshot from scratch, using only
the gems in your Gemfile, which may resolve the conflict.


$ gem list

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

actioncable (5.0.1,
actionmailer (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
actionpack (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
actionview (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
activejob (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
activemodel (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
activerecord (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)
activesupport (5.0.1,, 4.2.5, 4.2.2)


$ sudo gem cleanup
Cleaning up installed gems...
Attempting to uninstall will_paginate-3.0.7
Successfully uninstalled will_paginate-3.0.7
Attempting to uninstall web-console-2.0.0.beta3
Successfully uninstalled web-console-2.0.0.beta3
Attempting to uninstall web-console-2.3.0
Successfully uninstalled web-console-2.3.0
Attempting to uninstall web-console-3.3.1
Successfully uninstalled web-console-3.3.1
Attempting to uninstall uuidtools-2.1.4
Unable to uninstall uuidtools-2.1.4:
    Gem::InstallError: uuidtools is not installed in GEM_HOME, try:
    gem uninstall -i /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all uuidtools
Attempting to uninstall uglifier-3.0.2
Successfully uninstalled uglifier-3.0.2
Attempting to uninstall uglifier-3.0.3
Successfully uninstalled uglifier-3.0.3
Attempting to uninstall turbolinks-2.3.0
Successfully uninstalled turbolinks-2.3.0
Attempting to uninstall sqlite3-1.3.9
Successfully uninstalled sqlite3-1.3.9
Attempting to uninstall sqlite3-1.3.11
Successfully uninstalled sqlite3-1.3.11
Attempting to uninstall sqlite3-1.3.12
Successfully uninstalled sqlite3-1.3.12
Attempting to uninstall sprockets-rails-3.0.4
Successfully uninstalled sprockets-rails-3.0.4
Attempting to uninstall sprockets-3.6.0
Successfully uninstalled sprockets-3.6.0
Attempting to uninstall spring-watcher-listen-2.0.0
Successfully uninstalled spring-watcher-listen-2.0.0
Attempting to uninstall spring-1.1.3
Successfully uninstalled spring-1.1.3
Attempting to uninstall spring-2.0.0
Successfully uninstalled spring-2.0.0
Attempting to uninstall slop-4.2.0
Unable to uninstall slop-4.2.0:
    Gem::InstallError: slop is not installed in GEM_HOME, try:
    gem uninstall -i /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all slop
Attempting to uninstall serverspec-2.18.0
Unable to uninstall serverspec-2.18.0:
    Gem::InstallError: serverspec is not installed in GEM_HOME, try:
    gem uninstall -i /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all serverspec
Attempting to uninstall specinfra-2.35.1
Unable to uninstall specinfra-2.35.1:
    Gem::InstallError: specinfra is not installed in GEM_HOME, try:
    gem uninstall -i /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all specinfra


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