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Ubuntu に cmake を install する。

More than 3 years have passed since last update.

apt-get でうまくいかない

apt-get で cmake を install したけど、うまく動かなかった。

$ sudo apt-get install cmake -y

$ cmake

Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertionneeded != ((void *)0)' failed!



https://cmake.org/download/ ここから最新を落とす

$ wget https://cmake.org/files/v3.4/cmake-3.4.0-rc3.tar.gz

$ tar xvf cmake-3.4.0-rc3.tar.gz
$ cd cmake-3.4.0-rc3/
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"
$ cmake


cmake [options] <path-to-source>
cmake [options] <path-to-existing-build>

Specify a source directory to (re-)generate a build system for it in the
current working directory. Specify an existing build directory to
re-generate its build system.

Run 'cmake --help' for more information.