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Can we convert a depth-map to a 3D-model?[Part2]

Completing 3D Object Shape from One Depth Image

Our goal is to recover a complete 3D model from a depth
image of an object. Existing approaches rely on user interaction
or apply to a limited class of objects, such as chairs.
We aim to fully automatically reconstruct a 3D model from
any category. We take an exemplar-based approach: retrieve
similar objects in a database of 3D models using
view-based matching and transfer the symmetries and surfaces
from retrieved models. We investigate completion of
3D models in three cases: novel view (model in database);
novel model (models for other objects of the same category
in database); and novel category (no models from the category
in database).

novel view:データベースのモデル
novel model:データベース内の同様なカテゴリー内の他のオブジェクトモデル
novel category:データベースのカテゴリーにはないモデル


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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?