[Review] An Introduction to Multi-Agent System


In my university, there is a lot of interesting modules to take. However, I do not have enough time to attend all of them. So in order to enhance my motivation further and equip myself more, I would like to review the course textbook in advance, and summarise it in this article.

CH1. Introduction

This section is about the motivation to study MA(Multi Agent system). And the author clarified the difference between MA and other algorithmic domain, for instance game theory and economics. Actually he gave us three important keywords to understand the way for MA to describe the human society. The keywords are coordination, cooperation and negotiation. Then he gave two examples to elaborate the definition of each keyword. One is about NASA's space probe controlling system. The other is aircraft monitoring system. quoting these examples, he meant the significance of the importance existing for agents to converse and decide what to do to fulfill the task.