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[Review] CRF Applications

More than 1 year has passed since last update.


This article aims at my personal review for CRF applications.


First priority: Java

Second: Python


  1. CRF/original, IIT bombay: this seems original implementation of CRF in Java,,, there is no info regard to training data or example usage...

  2. Sequence Tagging: I haven't tried though, it's got an introduction and looks nice!

  3. CRF/ahser-stern: quite similar to CRF/original, maven project.... but again, there is no demo or some tutorial stuff...

  4. CRF/witgo: compared to others, it has less stars.... there is an introduction though,, "couldn't find main class" error caught me.

  5. python-crf-named-entity-recognition: the author assumes collects data from the net, like scraping. so this doesn't match my objective.

  6. NER with DNNs: this looks good, I am trying right now. he is following a Hybrid Bi-LSTM-CRF. but he tested in Russian, so I need to evaluate the model in Japanese.

  7. Sequence-Tagging: this guy has nice blog regarding to Sequence-tagging with Tensorflow. So I would like to read that and try demo as well.

  8. tagger/glample: I need to try this maybe, this has nice amount of stars.