[Minecraft 1.12.2] MOD EntityCount


Minecraft client side MOD to count the number of entities such as villagers, animals, enemies, picture frames and others



Environment(First release)

  • Java: 8 or later

  • Minecraft: 1.12.2

  • Forge:




Display the measurement window

  1. Create a stick named EntityCount.show.

  2. Right click holding the stick to display the measurement window.
    2018-10-14 16_09_44-EntityCount.png

Usage of measurement window

The window has an internal entity list. When the measurement is performed, all the entities which the client knows are added to the internal entity list and refresh the UI. However, entities with duplicate UUIDs are not counted in multiple. So even if measurements are taken at the same place, the list will not increase excessively. Even if an entity dies, it will not be removed from the list.

Entities which clients can obtain are limited in distance. So walk around in the large city to cover the entities of there.

  • The Measure button will perform one measurement immediately.

  • The Continuously Measure toggle button measures every 5 seconds.

  • The Clear button will clear the internal entity list.

  • In the upper text area, the internal entity list is displayed.

  • In the lower text area, the number of entities for each class is displayed.

  • In the bottom label, the total number of entities is displayed.

2018-10-14 16_33_38-EntityCount.png

Please paste it in Excel and process it.