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perl (5.18.2 で確認)

perl -E 'say"$_月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ"for(1..12)'


ruby -e '12.times{|i|puts"#{i+1}月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ"}'


echo -e {1..12}月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ"\n"

python3 (3.7.2 で確認)

python3 -c 'for n in range(1, 13): print(f"{n}月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ")'

emacs-lisp (GNU Emacs 26.1 で確認)

(require 'cl)(let ((x 0))(while (< x 12) (cl-incf x)(insert (format "%d月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ\n" x))))

php (PHP 5.6.30 で確認)

php -r 'for($i=1;$i<13;$i++){echo $i."月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ\n";}'

Elixr (1.6.4 で確認)

elixir -e "1..12 |>\"#{&1}月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ\n\")) |> IO.puts"

MySQL版 (MySQL 8 で確認)

CREATE DATABASE s;CREATE TABLE s.y (m int auto_increment, PRIMARY KEY (`m`));INSERT INTO s.y value (),(),(),(),(),(),(),(),(),(),(),();SELECT CONCAT(m, '月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ') FROM s.y;DROP DATABASE s;

PostgreSQL (9.3 で確認)

psql -c "WITH RECURSIVE seq(i) AS (SELECT 1 UNION ALL SELECT i + 1 FROM seq WHERE i < 12) SELECT i || '月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ' FROM seq;"

JavaScript (node.js v10.14.2)

node -e "for(let i=1;i<13;i++)console.log(i+'月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ')"

Haskell (ghc8.4.4)

ghc -e 'mapM_ (\n-> putStrLn $ show n ++ "月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ") [1..12]' 

GAWK(GNU Awk 4.1.3)

gawk 'BEGIN{for(i=1;i<13;i++) print i"月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ"}'

ジャバ (OpenJDK11)

echo "IntStream.range(1, 13).forEach(m -> printf(\"%d月は横浜で酒が飲めるぞ\n\", m));" | jshell PRINTING -
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