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HostPC Win10


User management


docker-compose exec web /bin/sh

mix なんとかかんとかシリーズがcould not be found

** (Mix) The task "register_user" could not be found
** (Mix) The task "set_moderator" could not be found
** (Mix) The task "generate_password_reset" could not be found

Admin tasksを参照

  • mix help pleroma.user で一覧表示されました。
## Create a new user.

    mix pleroma.user new NICKNAME EMAIL [OPTION...]


  • --name NAME - the user's name (i.e., "Lain Iwakura")
  • --bio BIO - the user's bio
  • --password PASSWORD - the user's password
  • --moderator/--no-moderator - whether the user is a moderator
  • --admin/--no-admin - whether the user is an admin
  • -y, --assume-yes/--no-assume-yes - whether to assume yes to all

## Generate an invite link.

    mix pleroma.user invite [OPTION...]


  • --expires_at DATE - last day on which token is active (e.g.
  • --max_use NUMBER - maximum numbers of token uses

## List generated invites

    mix pleroma.user invites

## Revoke invite

    mix pleroma.user revoke_invite TOKEN OR TOKEN_ID

## Delete the user's account.

    mix pleroma.user rm NICKNAME

## Delete the user's activities.

    mix pleroma.user delete_activities NICKNAME

## Deactivate or activate the user's account.

    mix pleroma.user toggle_activated NICKNAME

## Unsubscribe local users from user's account and deactivate it

    mix pleroma.user unsubscribe NICKNAME

## Create a password reset link.

    mix pleroma.user reset_password NICKNAME

## Set the value of the given user's settings.

    mix pleroma.user set NICKNAME [OPTION...]


  • --locked/--no-locked - whether the user's account is locked
  • --moderator/--no-moderator - whether the user is a moderator
  • --admin/--no-admin - whether the user is an admin

## Add tags to a user.

    mix pleroma.user tag NICKNAME TAGS

## Delete tags from a user.

    mix pleroma.user untag NICKNAME TAGS

## Toggle confirmation of the user's account.

    mix pleroma.user toggle_confirmed NICKNAME

Location: _build/prod/lib/pleroma/ebin
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