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Lambda Behave – Java 8′s Testing Framework

More than 5 years have passed since last update.

A latest testing framework for Java 8 – Lambda Behave vows to make testing a pleasing experience. It is an ideal choice for a Java developer who has worked with specification frameworks earlier. There are existing frameworks like JUnit and Cucumber but Lambda proves to be much more fluent and modern with a unique testing style. Current testing frameworks turn out to be a little untidy and complex, whereas Lambda Behave turns out to be flowing and simplistic.

It has been launched some time back and has already started gaining momentum and appreciation worldwide, because of its salient features and technical benefits. It makes use of various Java 8 features for gaining a neat and user friendly environment for testing. The latest release to have hit the market is Lambda Behave 0.3.

Lambda Expressions have been a significant feature of Java 8, in which the importance lies on passing behaviour to methods. Being a merger of functional capabilities and object oriented, it enhances the integration of third party libraries.


Salient Features Of Lambda Behave

  • Fluency and neat specification writing in the domain language

  • Writing data driven specifications

  • Integration with the base tool or IDE

  • Influence of IDE usage onto library design

  • Integration of the random number generation with the testing API

  • Capability to reset mocks

  • Addition of combinators for use of business domain objects in testing

  • Integration with Scala-Test to enable running of Lambda Behave tests with Scala-Test infrastructure

  • Solve bugs regarding API corner cases

  • Log down seed numbers for random number generators

Lambda Behave Specifications


  • Fluent Specifications

    For Lambda Behave, it is very important to focus on fluency as if reading pure English. It also looks for encouraging describing testing with usage of eloquent sentences instead of fewer words. It focuses on an API which is available all through the IDE completion.

  • Generated Specifications

    Lambda Behave possesses capabilities to generate test cases for testing your code, very much like Scala Check. The involved API is something like Data driven specifications and controls the generation of values.

  • Data Driven Specifications

    Based on various data inputs, Lambda Behave parameterizes the specifications. The API involved is not dependent upon reflection magic. The specification as well as the description both are parameterized.

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